Wednesday, October 12, 2016


He never ceases to amaze me.


He's inside a Ga-Ga pit.

My boy who can't use his arms is inside a Ga-ga pit with a bunch of kids whom he barely even knows.

He saw them playing and climbed right in. 

You know how to play Ga-ga right??

It's about using your hands. 

It's a game for people with hands.

Don't tell that to Aaron.  Don't tell him he can't play inside that pit.

Because he gets right in and what is the most amazing part of all.... he has such a sunny, happy, open disposition that no one ever tells him to get out.  He just matter of factly tells them that he has to use his feet and that is that.  He's in.  No questions.  He plays. 


But Aaron does.

And it is OKAY.

And every kid who plays with him in that pit is quietly changed.

They are changed.

How can you not be changed when you get to rub shoulders with a boy who never ever lets anyone say he can't do something.

Because he will do it.

By golly, he will find a way to do it!

Because he's Aaron.

The Ga-ga pit champ!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Starving to Death

What can I say? How can I convey the horror of the situation?

In a country across the ocean, crib bound children are starving to death.  They are literally starving to death.

A family walked in this week to rescue their tiny little desperate bird. She's hanging on by a thread in that grim, dark place. Her body so broken and frail. Leilani.


She has been wasting away to nothing. But when they lifted her in their arms, whispered love into her ears, kissed her little head and held her as close as they could, she smiled. Mama and Papa have come little bird. They have come. Hang on. Hang on through the paperwork and court and waiting period. Hang on for a few more weeks until they can finally, finally carry you out forever. Hang on starving little babe.  Your seven year wait is almost over. Mama and Papa have come. Please, Dear Lord, preserve her life!

Another family is here. On this side of the ocean.  The agony is desperate.  Pictures and eye-witness accounts have sunk their hearts to the deepest level. Their boys are in that same starving place. The one is also just hanging on by a thread.  Denzel. For privacy sake I cannot share more.  They are waiting on travel dates. Waiting and praying and praying some more. Sweet Jesus, sustain their lives.

Please Lord, let them live. Let them live. Please, Dear Jesus.

And still a third family.

I've shared often about them.  They are adopting four. Two of them are also in this same place. One is also wasting away. Rotting in his crib.  Starving to death. Lee. They are so close. So close to whispering love into his heart.  They travel in only a few weeks. Hang on Lee. Breathe. Breathe.

How can I convey the desperation all three of these families feel right now.

The one family there. The smells. The sounds.  The horror of it all assaulting them from every angle.

The other two families here.  Desperately waiting.  Praying with every ounce of their being.

Dear Jesus, let them breathe one more day. Two more days. Three more weeks. A month.  Three months. Breathe life into their broken, frail, starved bodies so that they can be carried out of that place and into arms that love them. Let them live so they can be a treasured part of the families that love them.  

Please, church, Please.

Pray for these children.

Pray life for them.

Leilani. Denzel. Phoenix. Lee

They are starving to death.

Starving for food. Starving for hope. Starving for love.

They are not the only ones. There are more there.  More starving children. These three are wasting away in that same dark, grim place.  All three available for adoption.

Quinn.   Zoey.   Posey.

What can we do?

What can we do?

Pray first. Pray hard. Pray with broken hearts before the Lord.

Oh, Please church, Pray!

What else??

We can give.

None of these families are funded.  The Nichols family is IN country and still in need. The Bloom family is less than 3 weeks from travel and are still 15,000 short.  The McQuinn family is about 8,000 short. 

That's a lot of money.

Some would say none of these children are worth it. Some would say they are better off starving to death. Some would say that the money would be better used for better-abled orphans. 

Not me.

I take Jesus' words seriously.  Whatever we do for the least of these....

Well church, these are the least of these.

These are the ones.  These babes.

Little bird, Leilani. 

Hope has arrived for you. Mama and Papa have found in you the greatest of treasures. Just hang on a bit longer, little bird.  Soon you are going to fly away, forever free!

Denzel. Lee. Phoenix.

They are truly the least of these....

Donate to the NICHOLS here. UPDATE - THE MATCHING GRANT FOR THE NICHOLS WAS MET - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED!! They are bringing home Leilani, Becka and Delmar. They have court for Delmar on the 12th and court for Becka and Leilani on the 18th. Pray, church, that the 10 day wait for Becka and Leilani is waived so that she can be freed right after court.

Donate to the McQuinns here. They are adopting Ricky, Elizabeth, Phoenix and Denzel. They are waiting/praying for travel dates.  They should be traveling in around 4-6 weeks. They are about $8,000 short. Pray that their travel dates come quickly. Pray Life for Denzel. Pray for Phoenix. Pray, church!

Donate to the Blooms here.  They are adopting Amos, Daisy, Lee and Violet.  They are traveling in less than three week. They are $15,000 short because they have to have court in three different regions.  Pray for Lee. Pray breath into his tired, weak body. Pray strength. Pray!

Pray. Donate. Advocate. Adopt.