Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

I lay in bed last night praying as fear and worry began to nip at my heels.

So many unknown on this trip and the unknowns were starting to wear me down.
But this morning... just a few minutes ago...
A HUGE door just opened.
God's moving ahead.
I cling to that reality.
I will blog as much as I am able when I have internet...
I'M OFF.....

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fatherless Friday

I know.
It is Black Friday and most people aren't paying attention to blogs and such.
But for those who are paying attention....
Last year at this time I was gearing up for a Giveaway to raise money for 6 Angel Tree babes.
That post is HERE.
Go look and see who was on that post and then come back and look at THIS PICTURE.
This picture was taken THIS MORNING!
This morning two boys walked into freedom.
Two boys who were on the impossible list a year ago.
Four of the six boys we raised money for last year have families.  The other two boys are locked away behind the curtains of a country that has closed its doors to adoption!
A year later I'm packing to cross the ocean but my heart is with a bunch of Angels on a tree who need voices raised on their behalf.
Oh that just makes me crazy!
There are two more days until December 1st and I think it would be sweet if all the kids made it over the $100.00 wall.
I have a dear friend who is doing an amazing Giveaway for ALL the babes.  All you have to do is donate to ONE child and then enter to win a bunch of prizes. 
Seriously??? One Angel Tree child??
Won't you help on this Black Friday get ONE child over the $100.00 wall?
Pick one.
Louie Andrew (Asia)
A few only need $10.00 to get over.  Some need $20.00.  Some need $60.00.
Will you pick one babe?  Help them over?
Brandon (2000) Prudence Saige
Or pick several.
Or pick them all...
Angelia Greta Corban Octavian
77 children could really use a boost to get over that first wall....
I'd love to get on a plane tomorrow night with a spring in my step!
George #19-2 Brett #19-1 Kaleb Vance (2001)
Titas Colby Tori (Asia)
Be a difference for a child this Christmas.
Be their voice.
Cullen #12-4 Henry (LA)
Lift them up in prayer.
Raise their grant accounts so that money will be less of a factor for a family choosing to step out in faith!!
Luke Anthony
They need you!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Totes. Hats. Shirts. OH MY!




OH MY!!!
Think Christmas presents....

All those who said you wanted one.... only 12 days left!!
Get them now because  they will soon be gone!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

He Walks Before Me

Yes I am.
Leaving in Four Days.
My bedroom looks like a bomb went off in there. 
Matchbox cars and Hotwheels are everywhere - donated by my precious church family and Elizabeth's friend for me to give to our Lost Boys.  Plus tons of gloves and warm socks and presents and framed pictures and other whatnots for the director and EVERY SINGLE CARETAKER spilling out of bags surrounding the two suitcases that I am using.  It is a really really cool problem to have!  I am overcome with gratitude.  The outpouring of love and kindness shown to our boys causes rain to pour from my eyes. 
People ask if I am nervous.
I am not.
There are still many unknowns in this trip.
Yet I have such a wild sense of peace and calm.
I'm walking a path that has been laid out before me.  That doesn't mean the path is clear and easy.  But I'm not walking alone.  The Lord of the Universe walks before me.  Our love and concern for these boys pales compared to His. 
A year ago.
Black Friday.
I wrote a post titled For This Child.
It was the worst day of the year to beg for a child.
I feared that my post would be lost and no one would hear my cry.
A year later.
On Black Friday.
On Black Friday.
Three days from now.
A year later a family will walk into the lives of those two precious babes.
Exactly 365 days after writing a blogpost with tears streaming I will be crying again.
This time my tears will be tears of shouting and joy.
I am crossing the ocean in four days to give testimony to some weary and worn down workers at an institute out in the middle of nowhere that the little boy we carried out of their gates three years ago is doing fine. 

He's doing fine.

I am crossing the ocean to give them gifts and to let them know how much we care.
And just days ahead of me walking through those gates, ON BLACK FRIDAY, will be a family wanting to call another Lost Boy into their family.

Is that not just a brilliant display of God at work?

The God of the Universe, the Creator of the World, the one who loves us with an abiding and eternal love, the one who came crashing into our lives to redeem us from our sin and rebellion - that God - He is walking before me!

I rest in that.




Click HERE!!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lost Men

What transfer looks like for Barton.
From Lost Boys to Lost Men

Will you cry with me?
His time runs out this week.
Please.  Someone choose LIFE for Barton.
Continuing to pray for the impossible.
E-mail inquires about Barton to

USCIS needs to be filed by December 1st (mailed out no later than November 26th overnight delivery). 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I forgot about him.

The quiet boy who loves to watch the birds.  
The quiet one who enjoys being rather than doing. 
The boy who only comes alive when the music plays.
He moved to the back of my to do list because I'm busy busy busy and have so many important things to do and one quiet boy is so very easy to forget.
So easy to forget.
He ages out next week.  December 1st. 
He ages out.
His chance for a family ends on his birthday.

I write this with tears streaming.
It seems so hopeless at this point.
We yelled for him in March.  A solid month of yelling.  We yelled again a few other times since then but nothing.  No one.  And now the end is here.  He has but a week to find a family.  He has nothing to offer but a tender spirit and a quiet presence.  He isn't going to be a rocket science. He isn't going to blow anyone away with grand accomplishments.  Does that disqualify him from a family?  Does it mean he has to spend the rest of his life bench sitting?
Oh Barton.
Isn't there anyone out there who has room at their table for a sweet young man who would love to be your personal assistant.  A kindhearted soul who will drink in every ounce of attention you give him and give it back one hundred fold??  Is there anyone out there willing to take a leap of faith and go get him?  Paperwork has to be mailed by MONDAY or TUESDAY (overnighted) at the latest.
Oh Barton.
Sweet Barton.
I'm covering you with prayers sweet boy.
Praying for the impossible.
Trying to believe.
 E-mail inquires about Barton to

USCIS needs to be filed by December 1st (mailed out no later than November 26th overnight delivery). 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fatherless Friday - Do Something!

To the lovely person/persons who donated to Ruslan's Angel Tree Account....
I feel I have dropped the ball on my sweet babe but there is just nothing I can do about it right now.

But despite frantically cleaning (we are hosting Thanksgiving here) and shopping (I had a blast last night with Ben and Aaron picking out gifts for Carla's babes, the caretakers, directors and our sweet landlady who I plan on visiting) and packing (actually not packing at this point) and getting my classes covered while I am gone and figuring out what my men are going to eat while I am gone and getting schedules in order and doing all those crazy things that need to be done...
Despite all of that...
I've been watching the Angel Tree daily - praying over the babes - rooting for them - agonizing that the some of the ones at the bottom ARE THE SAME ONES AS LAST YEAR and wanting so much to do something about that!!
I love it because it is how we found Aaron.  He was never ON the tree but through the tree the Lord directed our eyes to him.
So I CARE about getting eyes turned towards that tree.
Every single babe needs a family.
There are over 200 babes on that tree.
Brandon (2000) Jeff Duane Dixon #2-3
That represents a whole lot of families that need to be found.
On this Fatherless Friday....
Tori (Asia) Kain Andruis Glenn (1)
Will you go look at the babes on the tree?
George #19-2 Andrew (Asia) Thatcher Tallulah
And then DO something....
Sean Quentin (Asia) Millie Mickey
You could pick a babe and print his/her picture off and take it to church and put it on the bulletin board. Maybe put two pictures.  How about three.  Okay - Fill the bulletin board.
Louie Lewis Lane Greta
You could host a bake sale and raise awareness.
You could share their pictures on Facebook.
Gabi Dylan Delmar Colby
Or on your blog.
Or send them around in an e-mail.
You could pick one or two or three and make a donation in their grant account. Especially those poor souls on the bottom of the tree.  Oh please help them get off the bottom of the tree!!  My poor Mark who HAD a family and who LOST his family is sitting at the bottom.  Oh Mark.  My heart bleeds for you babe!
Mark (LA)
You could pray.
  Bryannah #8-3 Boden Angelia Octavian
Most definitely pray.
That is what is needed the most.
 Heidi (Asia) Wendy (Asia)
Just DO something.
All the babes pictured here have less than $30.00 in their grant accounts.
Do Something!