Friday, November 29, 2013

Fatherless Friday

I know.
It is Black Friday and most people aren't paying attention to blogs and such.
But for those who are paying attention....
Last year at this time I was gearing up for a Giveaway to raise money for 6 Angel Tree babes.
That post is HERE.
Go look and see who was on that post and then come back and look at THIS PICTURE.
This picture was taken THIS MORNING!
This morning two boys walked into freedom.
Two boys who were on the impossible list a year ago.
Four of the six boys we raised money for last year have families.  The other two boys are locked away behind the curtains of a country that has closed its doors to adoption!
A year later I'm packing to cross the ocean but my heart is with a bunch of Angels on a tree who need voices raised on their behalf.
Oh that just makes me crazy!
There are two more days until December 1st and I think it would be sweet if all the kids made it over the $100.00 wall.
I have a dear friend who is doing an amazing Giveaway for ALL the babes.  All you have to do is donate to ONE child and then enter to win a bunch of prizes. 
Seriously??? One Angel Tree child??
Won't you help on this Black Friday get ONE child over the $100.00 wall?
Pick one.
Louie Andrew (Asia)
A few only need $10.00 to get over.  Some need $20.00.  Some need $60.00.
Will you pick one babe?  Help them over?
Brandon (2000) Prudence Saige
Or pick several.
Or pick them all...
Angelia Greta Corban Octavian
77 children could really use a boost to get over that first wall....
I'd love to get on a plane tomorrow night with a spring in my step!
George #19-2 Brett #19-1 Kaleb Vance (2001)
Titas Colby Tori (Asia)
Be a difference for a child this Christmas.
Be their voice.
Cullen #12-4 Henry (LA)
Lift them up in prayer.
Raise their grant accounts so that money will be less of a factor for a family choosing to step out in faith!!
Luke Anthony
They need you!

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  1. Praying and giving . . .may others hear the heart cry for these precious gems.


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