Sunday, September 16, 2018


It's HIS turn!

He has been waiting all summer to have his turn to be a pirate like his Papa and Elijah!

He's been singing and dancing across the stage this weekend in Peter Pan!

This has been his biggest show so far and he is loving every single minute of it!

We are so proud of our little pirate! He has delivered every single one of his lines perfectly. And he's even working on putting expression in his words. If you knew Aaron you would know this is HUGE for him!

We are grateful to all those who took pictures of himn so we could share them. Mama does backstage managing and Papa does set changes, so without our friends snapping photos we wouldn't be able to share our sweet boy!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Keeping Lucy

See that adorable sweet puppy in all the pictures in this post... don't be fooled. She's naughty! She likes to jump and nibble and poops in all the wrong places.
She's the first dog we have owned who is not afraid of our stairs. She charges right through the cat door and up the steps to visit Rob in his office. She thinks all the paper and books and office supplies up there are for her puppy pleasure.
She also thinks every single one of Mary's toys is hers too and chewing them is her favorite pastime. She doesn't mind chewing on John and Aaron's stuff too...
She loves books. She doesn't know to read. She does know how to chew and rip.
She loves running under the feet of anyone who is outside making it virtually impossible to walk two steps without tripping.
She LOVES LOVES LOVES Mary and no... she is NOT a service dog and YES... she thinks Mary down during a seizure is a lovely time to lick and kiss and nibble and walk over top of her.
She's adorable.
She's naughty.
We wonder often what we were thinking!
Adding naughty puppy to our crazy is just a bit more crazy!
But she is a great cuddler.
And she loves our family.
And she makes us laugh even when she is driving us crazy.
Laughter is good medicine.
So I guess we will keep our Lucy... or Louees as Mary calls her!
And take a few puppy obedience training classes for good measure!