Sunday, September 16, 2018


It's HIS turn!

He has been waiting all summer to have his turn to be a pirate like his Papa and Elijah!

He's been singing and dancing across the stage this weekend in Peter Pan!

This has been his biggest show so far and he is loving every single minute of it!

We are so proud of our little pirate! He has delivered every single one of his lines perfectly. And he's even working on putting expression in his words. If you knew Aaron you would know this is HUGE for him!

We are grateful to all those who took pictures of himn so we could share them. Mama does backstage managing and Papa does set changes, so without our friends snapping photos we wouldn't be able to share our sweet boy!


  1. So awesome and he rocked the pirate look too!!!


  2. He looks so handsome with a beard!!!

  3. Prayers that school is starting to fall into a routine for you and your crew!


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