Sunday, June 30, 2013

Grande Finale

I'm kind of sad that this is the last round of pictures.  I'm sure some of you have been overwhelmed with my picture-fest and scrolled through them quickly each day.   Many of you never even waited around for the pictures to upload.   
That's okay. 
 Putting these pictures on was good for ME.  
I needed these Blogposts.  I NEEDED THEM!! They are beautiful reminders to me of what GOD HAS DONE.  As I sat and held and watched and laughed and enjoyed the children this past week I was brought back time and again that this is God's work.  He did this.  He sets the lonely in families.
Our cries matter.
Reece and Owen Roberts and Aaron
I watched friendships formed..
Johnny Hines, Owen Roberts and Aaron
Aaron and Charlotte Dirkes

I watched brothers playing with brothers...
Peyton and Gavin White
I watched families laugh and play together.
I watched my family find joy in the simple.



I watched babes who were destined for a life behind closed walls able to run free and laugh and play!
It was a good week.  Raising our voices mattered to each one at that campground. 

As we laughed and played and talked and shared I was struck by the reality that all of us carry within us profound gratefulness that our babes are free...


And profound sorrow that we left so many behind. 

I think that joy and sorrow will always be part of us.
 I know it will always be part of me.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Party....

We had such fun the first night of gathering that we decided to do it again...

It wasn't fancy.  The only speech we heard the whole week was to thank us for coming and to keep on yelling for the babes. 

 This time we ate cookies and Sherry White shared from her bounty of meals....

We chased runaway babes and laughed and hugged and shared memories....

It was another night of rejoicing and praising God.  It was God-honoring and so incredibly uplifting.

Sonya Hines gets the prize for being held by the most people!!!

One of the runaway White babes!!

Nolan Fitch and Peyton White and Aaron's cars and trucks..

Be grateful for these pictures because I spent most of my time there with a babe in my arms.  At one time I was afraid I had lost my camera.  I was holding one of the many little ones and started panicking about where my camera was.... It was around my neck.  Yes I am a bit on the nutty side!
Dustin Hines and Dmitry Fitch

Dustin and Caroline Hines, Dmitry and Emsley Fitch
Sherry White going after the runaways!!

Emsley is a heart stealer...
Carol and Quinton Miller with Aaron's bucket on his head!  It fits quite well don't you think???

Milana Wojcik
Check out her shirt... Milana is styling!!
Kelly and Charlotte Dirkes

Caleb Rogers.... He is such a sweet soul!
It's the baby swap!!  Notice that Sonya Hines is on Carrie Fitch's lap??
Fuad Breen and Aaron... It's easy to make friends with a bucketful of cars...
Dasha Doyle
Her Mama shared with me that THIS BLOGPOST was what sent them across the water.... I am overcome.  I hadn't read it in a LONG time and sitting here writing this and reading that post and thinking back over the week.... where are my Kleenex????

I told you Emsley is a heart-stealer! 

I love this girl!
Jesse Rogers and Katya Doyle

Katya Doyle - Precious Precious!!  Rescued from the Sad Reality!!
Molly Conley and a very very exhausted Gavin Spitz

Darkness came too fast and little ones had to go to bed.  I was so sad to leave this party!
 I still have a few more pictures.... A few more memories.... so stay tuned....


Friday, June 28, 2013

Pool Fun!!!!

I'm enjoying sharing these pictures...
I think it is IMPORTANT for you to SEE these kids!
Most of our time was spent at the pool...
Most of my pool time was spent hanging out in the water with a babe in my arms.
So be thankful for these pool pictures!!
Erika Rogers and Claire!!

Caleb Rogers

Jesse Rogers (Bernadette on RR)
Malachi and Daddy (Rogers)


Bella and Phoebe Smith
I am so so grateful to see these babes because they came out of R and right now that country is closed shut!!
Lisa Smith and Claire Rogers
Phoebe Smith
Dmitry and Emsley Fitch

Caleb Lococo and Molly Conley....

I LOVE these two with their cameras!!

Charlotte (Charlie) Dirkes
This is another rescued R baby!!!

 Ruby Zoromski
Lily Zoromski
My Sunshine Boy!!
Against all odds... This little Spitz girl is a wonder-child!
Owen and Belle Spitz

Dustin and Sonya and Amy Hinz
Stay tuned.... I've got more babes to share....
P.S. - For those who asked about Aaron... We were able to take his cast off while he was in the water.  As a precaution we put on a splint.  This Mama is a bit paranoid.  He had a BLAST in the water and even went down THIS waterslide... The first time he did it I kind of had to nudge him down... (okay.. I pushed him down).... but after that... he was ready to go again....