Thursday, November 10, 2022

Dusting off my Blog

 It's been a while old friend.

I've not written since July on here.

Not that I haven't had words because they spin in my head all the time.

Not that I haven't had the desire because it's always there.

But sadness has prevailed. And circumstances. And time.

MACC/Angel Tree is here again.

Our hearts are heavy this year. Heavy with thoughts of war and loss and little ones who are displaced all across Europe. The orphanages in Ukraine moved all those available for adoption out of harm's way. 

My sweet MACC babe from last year, Presley, is still waiting for a family yet out of reach. I cannot advocate for him and that breaks my heart.

Just about every year our Angel Tree children have been from Ukraine. I don't think any of them have been from anywhere else.

How could they not when we our three precious treasures came from there?

But this year the door is closed. Adoptions are on hold.

Our two little Angel Tree girls are from other lands.

They are so worthy and so needy.

So I am dusting off my blog, setting aside my sorrow and sharing two little girls.

Two brown eyed little girls - Abby and Victoria.


We can't see Abby's face because of the rules in her country. Bummer. 
Abby is six. She has epilepsy. Now you know why I picked her! She's somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Victoria is the brown eyed beauty who finds herself for the 2nd year on the row on the tree with no family in the wings. She's 10 and her chances of adoption are diminishing. She's somewhere in Latin America.

I am trying to raise 1,000 for each girl. Right now they have $15.00 each. I'm 
working on adding more but could really use help!

To find out more about each girl and to donate click below.

This year the graphics on MACC are in honor of Ukraine. 

I absolutely love them. My dear friend Lu who does all the graphics outdid herself!