Tuesday, November 26, 2013

He Walks Before Me

Yes I am.
Leaving in Four Days.
My bedroom looks like a bomb went off in there. 
Matchbox cars and Hotwheels are everywhere - donated by my precious church family and Elizabeth's friend for me to give to our Lost Boys.  Plus tons of gloves and warm socks and presents and framed pictures and other whatnots for the director and EVERY SINGLE CARETAKER spilling out of bags surrounding the two suitcases that I am using.  It is a really really cool problem to have!  I am overcome with gratitude.  The outpouring of love and kindness shown to our boys causes rain to pour from my eyes. 
People ask if I am nervous.
I am not.
There are still many unknowns in this trip.
Yet I have such a wild sense of peace and calm.
I'm walking a path that has been laid out before me.  That doesn't mean the path is clear and easy.  But I'm not walking alone.  The Lord of the Universe walks before me.  Our love and concern for these boys pales compared to His. 
A year ago.
Black Friday.
I wrote a post titled For This Child.
It was the worst day of the year to beg for a child.
I feared that my post would be lost and no one would hear my cry.
A year later.
On Black Friday.
On Black Friday.
Three days from now.
A year later a family will walk into the lives of those two precious babes.
Exactly 365 days after writing a blogpost with tears streaming I will be crying again.
This time my tears will be tears of shouting and joy.
I am crossing the ocean in four days to give testimony to some weary and worn down workers at an institute out in the middle of nowhere that the little boy we carried out of their gates three years ago is doing fine. 

He's doing fine.

I am crossing the ocean to give them gifts and to let them know how much we care.
And just days ahead of me walking through those gates, ON BLACK FRIDAY, will be a family wanting to call another Lost Boy into their family.

Is that not just a brilliant display of God at work?

The God of the Universe, the Creator of the World, the one who loves us with an abiding and eternal love, the one who came crashing into our lives to redeem us from our sin and rebellion - that God - He is walking before me!

I rest in that.




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  1. Praying and knowing the Lord is with you!

  2. Our hearts go with you! Thank you for loving them so well! The mighty God, the everlasting Father, the prince of peace is with you! xo, Kelly


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