Saturday, November 23, 2013


I forgot about him.

The quiet boy who loves to watch the birds.  
The quiet one who enjoys being rather than doing. 
The boy who only comes alive when the music plays.
He moved to the back of my to do list because I'm busy busy busy and have so many important things to do and one quiet boy is so very easy to forget.
So easy to forget.
He ages out next week.  December 1st. 
He ages out.
His chance for a family ends on his birthday.

I write this with tears streaming.
It seems so hopeless at this point.
We yelled for him in March.  A solid month of yelling.  We yelled again a few other times since then but nothing.  No one.  And now the end is here.  He has but a week to find a family.  He has nothing to offer but a tender spirit and a quiet presence.  He isn't going to be a rocket science. He isn't going to blow anyone away with grand accomplishments.  Does that disqualify him from a family?  Does it mean he has to spend the rest of his life bench sitting?
Oh Barton.
Isn't there anyone out there who has room at their table for a sweet young man who would love to be your personal assistant.  A kindhearted soul who will drink in every ounce of attention you give him and give it back one hundred fold??  Is there anyone out there willing to take a leap of faith and go get him?  Paperwork has to be mailed by MONDAY or TUESDAY (overnighted) at the latest.
Oh Barton.
Sweet Barton.
I'm covering you with prayers sweet boy.
Praying for the impossible.
Trying to believe.
 E-mail inquires about Barton to

USCIS needs to be filed by December 1st (mailed out no later than November 26th overnight delivery). 


  1. Thank you, Julia, for your Jesus work here. Thank you for posting about Barton.
    I am praying with you for a family for him right now.

    In Jesus,

    Susan Grace Lewis


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