Saturday, May 26, 2012

Still Room in the Bucket

I spent the day yesterday on my feet talking to more people than I can count about BiblioPlan.  All the while wondering in the back of my mind if the Jenks were receiving anything in their bucket for their two treasures.


They needed 6,500.00 yesterday morning.

How sweet to find out last night that IN LESS THAN 12 HOURS THEY HAD BEEN BLESSED WITH 4,000.00 DOLLARS IN GIFTS!!  Four thousand dollars in donations came in for the Jenks in ONE day!! 

For all of you who gave - whether it was five, ten, fifty, one-hundred or a thousand... THANK YOU!!  

 I chatted a bit with Rebecca on FB and she was a blubbering mess of course.  She was blown away by the outpouring of love for her wee ones.

This morning I am seeing that another 500 came in over the night.  

That means that the Jenks only need 2,000.00 to be fully funded.

So if you didn't get in on the action yesterday... there is still room in their bucket for a few more offerings - large or small.

If you donate... LET ME KNOW...  We are giving away a BiblioPlan e-reader of your choice!!  

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  1. I love stories like this. It shows me how much the Lord provides for us. It's so obvious that I can't even believe people these days still deny Our Lord. So happy for the Jenks!


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