Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Face of Transfer

I'm off to North Carolina for a Homeschooling convention for BIBLIOPLAN.

Aaron keeps tally on my travels by telling me I will be  gone for TWO SWEEPS.

I'm going to miss my ornery little guy.  This is Aaron with his friend Kate!

The little stinker refused to smile for the camera!!

I'm leaving you with this picture.

A before transfer and an after transfer.

A little LOST GIRL who actually was dropped from the database this week.  We feared the worst.  

Thankfully she again appeared and is still available for adoption.


She is sadly ONLY available to Canadian families.  IS THERE A CANADIAN FAMILY READING THIS WHO WILL PLEASE GO GET HER???  Dear Lord.  

To those who want to silence us.

To those who think that these babes would be better off in their own country...

To those who think photolisting of orphans is terrible...

Look at this child.  Look at her.  

This is what transfer does to so many.  

This is for way too many treasures across the ocean... THE FACE OF TRANSFER.

We will not be silent.


  1. I was so excited to see Kate on your blog today!! I feel like she is famous now for being on your awesome blog!! She so enjoyed working for you and getting to know Aaron. Thank you so much for giving her that opportunity - and gift, really. I am sickened by the little after picture of that adorable child. Oh, please God rescue her. I too am bothered by people ignoring what is going on, ignoring the numbers of orphans as if it is just too big a problem for the individual to even consider thinking about let alone help, of chastising those of us who hurt for these children and risk in order to help them. God bless you Julia for posting and writing and fighting for God's babies across the ocean.

  2. Praying for that Canadian family that God is moving to jump!

  3. Absolutely agree, Julia. Keep standing strong!

  4. You are right, Julia. Amen. I am so very tired of the garbage I hear as I am slammed. One of these people infiltrated my one website and inserted garbage information into my address book. This is the lengths they will go to. They dream of this utopia where children can receive the care they need in their own countries. Maybe someday, that will happen. In the meantime, are children like this the collateral damage? Expendable? Not worth talking about? Not worth seeing? I can't stand it. Thank you for standing up for this child, and all children.

  5. Thank you for sharing about Ksenia today! I was able to share this with a Russian friend who came over, and it moved her to tears. So many people just don't know about internats or how the system here works, but we will keep sharing and sharing and sharing.

  6. Praying this precious little girl to find a family soon!!!
    The Adamsons

  7. Thank you so much for your advocacy, and for your courage in the face of those who are sorely ill-informed at best (but who seem to be malicious and cruel as well).

    Ksenia breaks my heart...I hope the hearts of some special Canadians will also be broken for her, and will soon be healed by love in action as they become Ksenia's forever family.

    Thanks again for all you do...I wanted to write previously, but have just corrected a computer problem which limited my access.

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  8. Thank you for sharing. Those who think we wallow in these children's misery only need to see the rejoicing we do when a child finds a family or the REAL effort we put into raising funds.

    The photos of Ksenia puts a (horrible!) reality to what these darlings are facing and a reminder to keep pressing on despite what others might say.


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!