Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We must be doing something right.


We were slammed on a website that attacks those who advocate for the Reece's Rainbow kids.


 It isn't the first time.  It most likely won't be the last.

                                            Ivan                                                           Kristopher
$100.00                                           $127.30

I am saddened that there are those who would attack families who desire to adopt the 'least of those'.

                                            Kiril                                                           Frances
                                       $945.37                               $100.00      

 I am saddened too that by advocating for the families and for the children - we are considered dangerous.

Sawyer                                                               Vitaly
$375.20                                          $100.00

I am saddened but it isn't going to deter me.


There are way too many precious treasures out there laying in beds, sitting in sheds, tied to wheelchairs.  There are way too many.

We witnessed what transfer means for those treasures - for our Aaron. 

                                                       Marcus                                              Carter
                                              $2018.00                      $100.10

I can not be silent.

                                     Daniel                                                            Bobby
                           $3000.00                                $820.50

I will not be silent.

                                      Shaun                                                                 Kiril
                       $3432.80                                     $1475.00 

These babes need voices raised on their behalf.

  Ivan                                                   Ross
$4196.15                               $101.00



      OWEN                                                    Brody
$3039.00                                   $703.00

They desperately need us!



Please stand with me today.  Be their voice.  Help them.  $392.40 would get all the boys on this page over $100.00.  

Let's be slammed together!!

Let us NOT be silent!!  

We cannot be silent.


Goodness me... the Love shown to these boys in just a few hours!! THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE WORKED TO GET THE SEVEN OVER 100.00...  

Also - Sasha and Niko at the top of the page both have a $3,000.00 grant at Project Hopeful that is available for them!!  SO SOMEONE  GO GET THEM!!  They had one family at one point but lost that family and both boys have waited and waited and waited.... 


  1. Amen, Julia! We were also attacked; our blog summarily disassembled by these idiots 2 weeks ago. They also attempted to place a virus on our Avon website and corrupt the address book there. It is sickening and frightening and just plain wrong. I'm glad you are not silent :)

  2. Keep shouting Julia. I will stand beside you for strength and support, covering you in prayers and passing losenges and tea with honey. (wish I was close enought to do this for real!)
    You are correct. He has shown us what is good...

    Also, niko and Sasha both have grants over $3000 with project hopeful, available to anyone who says yes to either or both of these boys.
    Come on mommies and daddies...

  3. Standing with you. :) I think we can make that challenge.

  4. Help me understand. You've been tagged as 'dangerous' for advocating for special needs orphans????? That is bizarre, especially for anyone who has read your blog. You're not encouraging anyone to break the law or anything that could remotely be construed as dangerous. I don't get it. Obviously I am reall naive.

    Judee in Iowa

  5. I don't begin to understand why, with all the evil and filth on the Internet, any person can rationalize spending their time harassing people WHO ARE TRYING TO HELP HURTING, ORPHAN KIDS!!!! I guess I'm naive, too. I'm so sorry; please don't let people like that get to you. Their opinions are not worth consideration. Keep shouting for all these little ones and being a light in the darkness.

  6. Way to overcome evil with good!

  7. Don't stop shouting. We are with you--and more importantly, GOD is with you. And you know the verse, "If God be for you, who can be against you."

  8. It literally makes my heart ache when I read this! Why? I would give anything to be a Mama to any child on this post! That is the "desire of my heart" be called "Mama". And, He know my heart! Now I just need to sit back and wait. I believe it will happen. Don't ever stop doing what you are doing, Julia! This world would be SO much better, if there were more people like you! I love your heart for Orphans! ~ Jo

  9. Trolls are awful. Bullies are everywhere. We'll make a stand together for these children despite those who spue out their own hurt at the expense of these children.

  10. Julia, please don't stop shouting for these babies! Those who are speaking such ugly things must be seriously insecure. Very sad, indeed! Please, Julia, shout a little louder!!!!! Make the whole world hear what you have to say!!!!
    Loving the least of these in Arkansas!

  11. When evil attacks you, you know you're doing the right thing!

  12. I stand with you Julia! And now Nico s over! Only one left! Keep up the awesome work of God!
    Christina Schye

  13. To oppose the rescue of helpless children must certainly be twisted thinking. How callous the hearts of those who criticize this effort by Reece's Rainbow. My heart rejoices to read your posts and the encouraging comments of those who support this effort. At nearly 72 yrs. of age I am too old to adopt but I support with my prayers and sharing a little from my limited income when I can. I know you are empowered by God's Holy Spirit to express His Heart and be His Hands as you work on behalf of these dear children. Praise God for you! ~ Tharen

  14. Thanking God for shouters like you Julia. May He bless all you do and those you do it for.

  15. My family is being stalked and attacked. Here is the most recent post, about me personally: We are going to get attorneys and the FBI involved. This might be over soon, Godwilling. It is so scary b/c they have found out where we are...


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!