Tuesday, May 18, 2010


     We fell off the submission track.  The facilitator in Aaron's country wants another paper.  We found out tonight.  It hasn't been a very pleasant few hours as we try to work out what we can do.  It involves needing our CPA who is currently NOT in our state and will not be back until Monday to write another letter.  I'm sad.  Sad that Aaron has to stay several weeks longer.  Sad that I can't get the necessary paper fixed tomorrow but have to wait until next week.  Sad that we didn't find out until now.  Just plain sad. 

     As I was driving home tonight I was thinking about how hard this whole process is.  We have watched and are watching so many adoptions and it seems that each one hits snags, bumps and outright canyons in their process.  It's hard to adopt.  It is emotionally and physically draining.  It completely knocks all the props out from under you.   You are left to hold onto only the promises that God is on His throne and though we can't see the why's - He can.  He is not shocked that we fell off the track.  He is not dismayed that we are delayed several weeks.  He holds Aaron in His loving arms and He holds us. 

I'm sad tonight.  I'm also grateful that I serve a God who understands my grief and carries me through. 


  1. I am so sorry! I know how this helpless frustration/anger feels! And there isn't even anyone to blame, just the way it is. I much prefer assigning blame! :) :) Gives me a focus. :)

    BUT, it WILL happen, and though I always hate this phrase, in the 15 months we have been waiting, I have begun to really understand and trust in it... "All in Gods perfect timing!" Surrender to HIm, HE will see your precious son home!

  2. I'm sad too. Praying tomorrow is a better day.

  3. It stinks, but we can't do anything to speed it up. :-( I'm sending you love and hugs and praying that Aaron can keep his spirits up. I hope he sense that his mommy and daddy are coming! PRAYING!

  4. I understand and I'm so sorry. You may never know the "why's" of this timing. Maybe it is solely for demonstrating for the glory of God that you and your sweet family are among those who "will not shrink back" (Hebrews 10:39). Perhaps your honest pain and absolute dependence upon Jesus will be the very thing that the Lord uses to call and comfort someone else's heart. And now, Father, I ask that you continue to be Father to this one who is not truly fatherless. I ask for you to advance your army to protect him, keep him, give him a hope and a future. And I ask for precious "Daddy arms" around Julia as her mother's heart longs to hold Aaron and bring him home.

  5. Oh, how very frustrating. I am thankful for a God who brings comfort and peace, who knows your pain and will carry you through. Praying for all of that for you right now.



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