Wednesday, May 19, 2010


     The adoption world has been rocked today.  One of our Reece's Rainbow angels died this morning.  Little Chrissie.  Adopted last fall from Serbia with a heart condition that was so severe that the doctors were amazed she survived her first few days.  Dear little Chrissie spent her first four years in an orphanage praying for a Mommy and Daddy to care for her.  Last year the Pattersons brought her into their family, an orphan no more.  She thrived in their home.  Happy.  Watching the transformation over the few months she was with them was amazing.  It was a window into what happens to a heart that has been transformed by God's redeeming power. 

From this.... Just another child in a crib....



     Chrissie had open-heart surgery over a month ago to repair her heart.  She died this morning after a month-long battle after that surgery.  You can read her story HERE.  Our family has been praying for Chrissie for a long time and this morning when we discovered that she is now in the loving arms of Jesus, we wept.  We wept tears of joy that she is no longer suffering and is with the Father of all of us who are orphans and strangers in this world.  But we also wept tears of deep sorrow.  We grieve for a family who loved her enough to go to any lengths to bring her home.  We grieve that their little princess won't be laughing at their table and dancing with their other children.  We grieve because we have come to love Chrissie.  Her joy.  Her fighting spirit.  Her hunger for a family.  The little Serbian Sensation. 

Chrissie has been a window for us into the Father's heart.  It has reminded us of what it means to be adopted into His family.  Precious to Him.  Loved.  Adorned. 

Dear little Chrissie - We are going to miss your smile!

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