Thursday, May 6, 2010


     We are on a crazy schedule this week!  It is 'Tech' week for the Wizard of Oz production and each night we are doing 3+ hours of practice.   We are all a bit exhausted. 

     I am the backstage manager for the shows.   I do a little bit of everything and then some.  Tech week is especially crazy for me but overall quite fun.  My greatest pleasure in the week is working with the kids.  We have over 100 children of all ages in the shows (split into two casts) and I oversee all of them. 

     One night this week one dear little Munchkin was herded backstage with the other 40 or so Munchkins to get set to go on stage.  Unfortunately, in the confusion, she ended up unable to find her 'spot.'  When I realized she was missing, I went and found her and placed her where she needed to go but it was just too much for her little heart.  Sobs erupted and she cried out "I want my Mommy."  I knelt down in front of her and tried to console her but it just wasn't enough so I picked her up.  She immediately threw her little arms around my neck and held on for dear life, crying out the stress of being 'lost.' 

    As I held that dear little Munchkin and felt her tears and whispered soothing words in her ear I was hit with a longing that poured from deep within my soul.  I wanted it to be Aaron in my arms.  I wanted to be soothing his heart, his cries for a Mommy when his world was too much for him.  I want to be his Mommy.  I am so longing for the day to be his Mommy.

The little Munchkin's Mommy was not far. She was probably out in the hall or sitting in the car waiting for her little one's practice to be over. In a short time her Mommy would come in and see her and hold her and be there for her.   Her 'lostness' would be over.

I'm so far from Aaron right now.  He's in Europe, far away, 'lost'.  Yet each day I am one step closer.  One step closer to being Aaron's Mommy.  Oh how I long for that day when Aaron will be 'lost' no more.



  1. SOBBING NOW!!!!! Oh man, I've been trying not to think of these things for Ianna. Who comforts her when she has a headache? (which she has plenty of, it comes with her diagnosis.) Do the caregivers there even CARE that she has one? What about when she wakes in the middle of the night? Or is sick. What about when she gets frustrated with life because she can't use her hands the way everyone else can? Who holds her and tells her "we'll try to make it alright" or just lets her know that it's ok to be frustrated when the world is just too much for her sometimes.

    That said, you and I have even more in common. I also do a lot of theater, as does my daughter Angela. Even my DOGS do theater! LOL

  2. This is beautiful, and soon he won't be lost anymore!


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