Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm so not in control!

     Nothing is easy! 

UPS worked miracles 3 weeks ago to get our dossier to Aaron's country and so I returned in hopes that they would repeat their performance. 
Our paper has not gotten past first base. 
 It is sitting in Charlottesville - 30 minutes away.  It's been resting for 24 hours. 
I guess  I wore out the paper yesterday with all my frantic chasing and it needed to take a coffee break!! 

      I called UPS tonight when it wasn't tracking and NOW it has been scanned!  Someone found my lonely little package and NOW it may be moved.  Too late for a Thursday submission.  Too late.  None of this is in my control.  Each step is hard and we haven't even gotten to Aaron's country yet.  Again and again and again we are forced to go back to what we said when we first committed to Aaron - we are doing this in Faith - jumping off a climb and wanting to see what GOD is going to do in our lives and Aaron's. 

   Oh we are learning about Faith.  I am learning that it is not about me and my plans and my agenda.  It is about faith and trust.  It is about taking one terribly hard, painful step at a time.  It is about believing that GOD is ABLE even though we are not.   He IS Able.  He is in control.  Again and again and again I have to be reminded that HE HOLDS AARON and HE HOLDS US in his hands.  My paper may not make it in time but okay... it will get there eventually.  God WILL move this mountain.  It will be in HIS time - for HIS glory.  Truly for HIS glory because when it is all said and done...


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  1. Soon!!!!! It WILL get there! I've had to live with waiting for a LONG time. So we walk with you on this journey!


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