Monday, May 17, 2010



  In the next several weeks I will be attending two different Homeschooling Conventions.  I will be helping to sell a history curriculum that Rob and I have spent the last two years working on almost daily - BiblioPlan.  In light of needing to still raise almost 10,000 dollars, these Conventions are rather important for us. 

     If you are a Homeschooling family OR a family who loves history - PLEASE CHECK OUT this out:  BIBLIOPLAN - It is an all-in-one history/geography/art/literature/writing curriculum.  It is a four year program - Ancients, Medieval, Early America and World and Modern America and World.  It is designed so that all your children can do it together.  It is the least expensive history program on the market!!  Rob and I wrote the Parent Companions and created the Maps, Craft booklet and Cool History Packet and those are the items where we make a cut of the profits. 
     The really neat part about the e-book Parent Companions is that EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT USING THE BIBLIOPLAN GUIDE or EVEN IF YOU DON'T HOMESCHOOL, the Companions are so rich in information that they will go with ANY history program you are using.  They are e-books in order to keep the price down to a very cheap 16.95 for Ancients (it is both World and Bible history combined) and 12.95 for the other two. 

Medieval is still being written.  We plan on selling Medieval to those who are interested and e-mailing it piecemeal so if you are interested in Medieval - LET ME KNOW!!  I started writing the first lesson this past week...

Please check out BIBLIOPLAN and tell your friends!  If you are part of a Co-op - We have a whole section on the website for you!!

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