Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meagan's Speech

My 14 year old niece, Meagan, wrote a speech for her forensics class.  Talk about ripping our hearts out!  Precious words from a precious young lady! 


     Last thanksgiving, my Aunt Julie and my Uncle Rob made a decision that would change their lives forever. I didn’t think they were serious, the way my cousins talked about it they just thought their Mom was just… going through a phase I guess. But, when we got the letter in the mail, I knew she wasn’t kidding. When I pulled out the little piece of paper and saw a cute little boy with blonde hair and dimples smiling up at me, I realized how serious this was. My cousins were really, truly adopting a child.

     His name is Aaron. He’s a cute little six year old boy living with athrogryposis. And no, I don’t expect you to have any idea what that is. Athrogryposis is a non-progressive disease that is described as having curved or hooked joints.

      I’m really glad that my cousins stepped up to the challenge of adopting him. The only setback they have is the loads of paperwork, time, and $26,000 out of their pockets. Now, my cousins aren’t rich, and even if they were, $26,000 is a lot to just give up. How does someone raise that much money? My Aunt started a blog a while ago, where you can go and donate to their fund. And who wouldn’t? As soon as you see Aarons cute little smile, his dirty blonde hair, his bright blue eyes, you know you have to do something for that.

     As a fourteen year old girl with limited allowance, I felt helpless. I still do. I can only donate so much. Up until March, I couldn’t do anything for Aaron. But, on March 1st, I read on my aunts blog that they were making a puzzle for him. She decided to take a 500 piece puzzle of balloons and turn it into something better. On the back of each puzzle piece, she would write the name of someone who donated $5 for Aaron. When she gets 500 pieces, she would put the puzzle of names together and then hang it up in his room, so Aaron (whenever he gets here,) knows just how many people loved him home.

     I sprung at the idea of helping with that. All last month, I got together as many people as I could to donate $5 for Aaron. I put every donation into an envelope, which I kept in a secret place, just to be safe. When I was sure that I got every donation I could, I sent it to my Aunt. I still have yet to hear from her, (because I sent it last week.) but I can imagine how she will react when she gets it. I hope she doesn’t make a big deal out of it, I was just doing my part. No THANK YOU SO MUCH MEAGAN! Or a I LOVE YOU FOR DOING THIS MEAGAN!, please. I’d just rather silently smile at myself for doing something for my soon-to-be cousin.

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