Saturday, May 8, 2010

A needed encounter...

It's been a wild week for the Wizard of Oz.  I woke up exhausted this morning and in need of a diversion so I went out to do my favorite activity - hunting for bargains at yard sales!

My first stop was at a charity sale for AN ADOPTION!!  The family is adopting a little girl from Guatamala.  I shared with them Aaron's picture and they showed me the little one and smiles were shared all around.  When I left, I gave them a 20.00 dollar donation.  It was one of those Holy Spirit shouts in my ear that I needed to donate to their adoption.  I bought 20.00 worth of stuff so this was on top of the donation.  I drove away wondering how we are ever going to raise 10,000 if I keep having Holy Spirit shouts like that.  It isn't the first time in the last few weeks that I have felt compelled to give.  Each time I have obeyed and wondered.  Today I wondered the most.  I began to weep and pray as I drove to the next yard sale.  Wondering.  Worrying.

The next sale was a church sale and they are the best.  The sale was winding down so bags were being handed out to fill for a buck!  I love those kinds of sales.  I was happily filling up my dollar bag with books when I heard a 'hello' from across the table.  I looked up and saw a lady I hadn't seen in five years.  We greeted and shared info about our kids.  I told her about Aaron and pulled his ever-ready picture out of my purse to show her.

She gasped.  She knew him.  She had been praying for him for months.  He was on the board at her child's Christian school and each day the children pray for him.  I stood there in shock.  A Holy Spirit moment.  Tears came and still do.  Out of nowhere, God reached down and touched my spirit.  He is in charge of this adoption not me.  He has raised up an army of people to pray for Aaron that I know nothing about.   He is orchestrating this concert and our family is just along for the ride.  Oh what release.  The Holy Spirit, in His infinite wisdom is not only touching my heart to encourage a family in THEIR adoption, but is touching other hearts to pray for our little guy!  

What wonderous love is this!
What a loving God we serve! 
What rest.


  1. Julia,
    Thank you so much for sharing this. My daughter, Sarah (For His Glory Handiwork), follows your blog and sent me the link for this post. I've read it 3x already and cry every time. :-) God is so completely AWESOME! WOW! In my human-ness, I am completely blown away by this. But as you said, "What a loving God we serve!". We will be praying for you as you continue this amazing, God-ordained journey the Lord has put you on.
    May the Lord continue to reach down and touch you,
    P.S. We homeschool too. :-)


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