Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Waiting Oh So Patiently???

Waiting and waiting and waiting.

Waiting on travel dates.

Waiting and waiting.

We aren't the only family waiting for travel dates which means we are waiting for the families in front of us to get their travel dates, so that we can get travel dates ourselves. We are waiting in line with a bunch of others waiting in line.

Standing in line is tedious and wearisome. It's hard on the feet. It's hard to be patient.

I wouldn't mind the wait so much if fear wasn't constantly nipping at my heels. The fear of losing her is the greatest fear of all. My prayers before the throne are rather incoherent puddles of tears and pleas. I'm glad the Lord doesn't need my words to know my heart.

In the midst of my pleas before the throne are also words of utter thanksgiving. The kindness of friends, family and strangers who have been moved in their hearts to give takes our breath away. Words do not begin to convey our gratitude to each of you who have given so generously. 

Mary's puzzle will be a beautiful testimony to her and to us that God provides. Every single name on her puzzle will be a precious reminder that God cares deeply for orphans.

So we wait and we marvel and we pray...




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  1. I am so sorry about the waiting and fear. I completely understand it though as I have been waiting 6 years now :( Waiting on the Lord is sometimes the hardest thing we have to do. Hugs and prayers to you this day.


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