Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lazy Days and NEWS!!

It's a Yogi Bear annual Reece's Rainbow reunion week...

Two little boys and Mama are here because big brothers were working and Papa had to stay home and tend to our little house in the disappearing woods... which is another fun post for later...

Two little boys and Mama and quite a few other people with us...

This is NOT everyone... 9:00 am is early for some to get up, dressed and up to the pavilion for group pictures.  So add about another 10+ families in this mix...

And add another 25+ babes in this picture full of yellow treasures... all Reece's Rainbow babes...  Oh I am in heaven!!

Thankfully Yogi didn't show up until AFTER pictures were taken!!  This is what a Yogi mob looks like!

Want to know what the BEST part of this lazy Yogi bear reunion is???

Having Nancy call us on a lazy Sunday afternoon in our cabin to tell us that we have travel dates!!!!!!


We are crossing the ocean at the end of August....


T H A N K   Y O U  J E S U S!!

Now back to a few more lazy days!!


  1. So exciting to hear you have travel dates! Hope the reunion is full of good memories in the making

  2. Oh Praise God and YIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!! :)

  3. So great to see you and the boys and so many other RR friends and just hang out yesterday! And especially great to learn your good news re travel to U. - will try to relay the contact info. we spoke about shortly. Not sure I have your email, but do have that of the contact person, so will send it here, not for publication, and will also notify the contact person so they will know about you. Hope you can connect!

    Meanwhile, continue to have a full and relaxing time this week!

    Susan, up the road :-)

  4. Hooray!!! Praise the Lord for travel dates! (Still seems like so long to wait!) One day we will try to make it to the reunion. We so long to be with other RR families and see the ones who have adopted Toby's friends! Have a wonderful time and congratulations on your dates! :-)


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!