Monday, July 31, 2017

Can't You Just Picture Her?

Sweet boys and Mama...

Thank you Shelby for taking such sweet pictures of our little loves.


This morning I contacted our travel agent which makes everything very very real. There is something about buying plane tickets that brings to life the reality of what we are doing.

In case you missed our news....



Can't you just picture her in that picture above with her brothers???

For those who are asking and wondering about our  travel details... just Rob and I will be traveling on the first trip. We will be there for about 7-10 days and then will come home and wait for court.  We do want to take John and Aaron with us on either our court trip or pick-up trip but are not that far enough ahead in our planning to know exactly what we are doing. So stay tuned!!


Do you want to hear a secret???

The Adair family that I shared about HERE... They are considering adding another sweet one!  A little boy. Their household of girls is going to be totally upended by a noisy, precious, little boy.

Money is the ONLY THING standing in their way.

What is a ransom worth?

They have a $1,000 matching grant. Their grant account needs to read 3,193.00.  They are still 5,000 short for the girls and to add on another one is thousands more.

Oh Please Please Please!!!

Every 5.00 is doubled. 

Please help them reach their grant and maybe maybe a little boy who needs a family full of sisters will be opening presents under their tree this year.

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  1. Those boys sure are good looking! They are growing up so much!

    Sooooo excited for your first trip! Curious - will you have to/choose to wait until after court to let us in on your new daughter's name??? I'm so eager to learn it! But I understand reasons why it probably can't be shared just yet. God bless!


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