Sunday, July 20, 2014

Under One Roof

Aaron and I pulled into the driveway this morning after a week of traveling.
I fell into Rob's arms which is most definitely my happy place!
Ben beat us home - he flew in last night.
Aaron tracked Ben's airplane on the computer during the convention on Saturday - telling everyone who would listen that he was praying that no one would shoot his brother's plane down.
Yes, he knew what happened.
It was hard for him not to find out because he was there when Rob called me on Thursday, and he heard me cry out in shock and anguish when Rob told me that a plane filled with passengers had been shot down. 
I'll be honest. My rational head knew that Ben was not in any danger.  He was in a totally different part of the country where things were peaceful.  But, my irrational Mama heart wanted him home right then!  I spent Friday and Saturday just wanting him home. 
This afternoon, we sat in our little den sharing stories and laughing and talking.  It was peaceful and good.  I kept looking around the room and smiling.  Having all of us under one roof makes me very very happy indeed!
Home is always the bestest of places for me!
Grieving for Ukra*ne.  Grieving for all the families who lost loved ones.  Praying that those responsible will be brought to justice.  Praying too for an end to the conflict. 
Please pray with me.  It is a country in turmoil. 


  1. so thankful Ben has returned safely! can't wait to hear about his week---up for a guest post, Ben?! :) xo kelly

  2. I hope they hadn't been impacted by this dreadful event.
    I wondered how far they were...
    Good to know he is back safe and sound !


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