Monday, July 28, 2014


Break out the party favors!!
The 2014 Homeschooling Convention Season is officially over for us!!
Aaron and I traveled to Georgia this past weekend and we came home last night and we are DONE  traveling!

That is NOT me.
But that IS most definitely how I feel right now....
Trying to co-write a 900 page book plus 13 products to go with that book AND deal with customers AND fill orders AND travel to TN, MD, OH, NC, CA, VA, FL, KY, TN, GA in 5 months AND be a Mom to three amazing sons AND do all the things needed to keep our family fed, dressed and clean is enough to make me want to crawl into my bed and not come out until next year!
It has been a hard summer.
Rob is as exhausted as I am because even though he hasn't traveled as much - he has put in more hours than I can count writing and dealing with website stuff, and orders and bills and being there for the boys and keeping me from jumping off the cliff (a full time job in and of itself) and customer issues and writing and writing and writing.    I came home yesterday and the tiredness in his eyes just made me want to cry. 
But we are seeing the light!!
I'm home without any trips planned until the end of September!!
We have a few more intense weeks as we spit out the final five products (out of 14) that need written.  And then we will be able to breathe...

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