Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Old Farm Day Then and Now

The very first outing Aaron went on when he came home was to our local Old Farm Days.
He had only been home for three days when we put him in the van and drove him to look at a massive amount of 'machinas.'

He spoke not a word, stared at everything and wandered all over with us following behind like ducks in a row. To say he was overwhelmed was putting it mildly. But it was a good overwhelmed.
 It was pure heaven on earth for him.
The happiest moment was getting to ride in the little cars.
The Trash Man
He was one very happy little boy!
He loved it so much he went back around again in John's Body Shop.
We got home and the boy who NEVER naps fell fast asleep in his little chair.
Fast Forward to five years later....
He doesn't fit quite so nicely in the little car but he still LOVES it!

 And this year... the boy who rode in John's Body Shop happened to be...

John Himself!
It was his FIRST Old Farm Day experience.
Aaron was thrilled to share his happy place with his brother.
Granddad had a blast walking around with his two youngest grandsons.

The two little boys walked all around, talked a mile a minute, looked at everything, filled their bags with goodies from every single booth and I followed behind just like always.  


It was a special day for John.  Another new memory.  Another new place he can now say he has visited.

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