Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Every Little Boy

Every little boy needs to dress up as a Superhero!
It is a right of passage.

It is part of being a little boy.

Every little boy....

Iggy is headed for an adult mental institute.  He has 3 days left and the door closes forever.  He will never get to see Superman fly through the air fighting off foes at every turn.  Or watch Batman in his cool bat mobile protecting the people of Gotham.  He will never get to watch Spiderman swing through the city.  He won't know to cheer when Captain America uses his shield to defeat his enemies.
Ma (1)
He's going to sit day after lonely day...
Photo: Iggy has 6 days for a miracle to happen!  He has 6 days for a family to commit to him.  Once he is 16, he will is not adoptable outside of his country.    If not adopted, his fate is not good.  PLEASE share and let's give this boy a chance at a miracle! 
Doing nothing.
Photo: http://reecesrainbow.org/59313/iggy
Watching nothing.
Photo: http://reecesrainbow.org/59313/iggy
Oh Iggy. 
Is there anyone out there who wants to rescue a potential superhero???
Photo: As per your request, here are some pictures of Iggy.  FB wont let me post all at the same time (?). . so I will post each to your wall.  Hope this is ok.

Iggy has 6 days to find a family before he ages out.  Once he turns 16, he is no longer adoptable out of country (and the chances of him being adopted in country are slim to none).   He needs us to SHOUT as loud as we can! We are his only hope at this point! 

Iggy is out of time.

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