Monday, August 19, 2013

The Face of Transfer

This, my friends, is what transfer looks like for some of these babes.

That is the same child.
Sadly he is in a country that is now CLOSED to adoption for those in the U.S..
Did your heart just break?


  1. Julia, my heart is so broken for him and for all the children I know he represents. Jesus, come quickly!!! Thanks for all you do, my friend.

  2. yes it broke in a million pieces

  3. So and why does this happen??? I so wish and pray for a better life for these children.

  4. Oh, no - I know Kyle's sweet face - before transfer - very well, as his picture is printed on my Reece's Rainbow tote bag and also on a small RR notebook. His big brown eyes are haunting, especially in retrospect.

    I wish someone could send these photos to Putin and record and report his response. How can this kind of evil be allowed to persist, and excuses made for it??

    And why didn't Kyle's family find him before the current ban took place?? He was listed with RR for years, and certainly people were aware of him.
    Thankfully, as of now, Canadians can still adopt from Russia. I hope some good Canadian family will learn about Kyle and be moved to make him theirs. What has happened to him is evil.

    Also, if anyone knows of any NGO which is still allowed to work with Russian orphanages and institutions (many have been kicked out recently), I hope they'll share that info here, so readers can support them.

    Meanwhile, over in Ukraine, Bible Orphan Ministry is doing great work with children in similar least some of those kids still have a chance of being adopted by Americans, unlike Kyle and the other thousands of children in Russia...see for accounts of their work.

    Thank you for sharing this very distressing news - hard as it is to see, it's important that it be known and shared.

    Susan in Kentucky
    Cousin to 2 from EE..

  5. Heart breaking, stomach turning. Ugh. Praying for all the Russian orphans.

  6. Julia would you please, please ammend this post to say that this country is closed to adoption by Americans? It is much more difficult to adopt a child with SNs like Kyle's in Europe, but there are a few countries where it is possible.

  7. Yes, my heart is broken. Such a beautiful boy!

  8. Took my breath away. So very sad. So very sad.

  9. Yes, my heart is broken for him and the other orphans. It is so hard to understand how governments/people can allow this to happen.


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