Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Casey and Iggy - A Matching Grant

I have felt battered in the last few days.
I've lost two people whom I loved in the last few days. A dear friend died on Saturday morning.  She's with the Lord. I know this to be true.  But she left an amazing husband and three teenaged children and that just rips me apart.  A dear teacher who I held in highest regard passed away too.  I found out last night and have not stopped weeping.  He meant more to me than I can ever put in words.  He too is with the Lord. In that alone I have comfort.
I would like to just curl up for a while and not have to think about anything.
The adoption world has been exploding for the last few days about a sweet boy who aged out a few months ago and lost all hope for a family.
Ma (1)
A family has stepped forth.
A family who is already in process and is legally able to add him on.
I've followed with grief-stricken eyes.
Grateful.  Overjoyed.
Yet unable to do more than just follow along.
I found out today who the family adopting Iggy is and my heart leaped within me.
Remember him?
He was one of our Mulligan Stew babes.
We raised over 2,400 dollars for him.
We begged and pleaded and prayed for a family and one stepped forward.
And now they are stepping forward again.
Adding on another.  A boy who lost all hope for a family.
Tonight I received an e-mail.
An anonymous donor is offering a $1,000 matching grant.
I don't have a loud yell right now.  I'm too battered to do much more than write this blogpost.  But this is so worth laying aside my grief for a few minutes.
A $1,000 matching grant is HUGE for this family!!!  It is HUGE!!
Will you help?
Two boys who are both technically aged out but who have a family tearing down mountains to get to them.
Will you help??
When their FSP gets to $3,700 then another $1,000 will be added to their account.
Thank you.
Thank you.



1 comment:

  1. So sorry for your loss of precious ones. Understanding as since Thanksgiving
    three loved ones of mine have went to Heaven. In honor of those who have gone
    before us, donated to Iggy and Casey. Thank you for bringing them before us and
    to continue the focus on His orphans here on earth. There is coming that day when
    there will be no more tears. Until then so much to do.


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