Friday, January 3, 2014

A Truck Party!!!

It's a Tanker Truck Party....
The kind that doesn't require a whole lot of words....

But still....



Is a whole lot of fun....

Way to Rock the Shirt Alexis!!!


 Proud Granddad!
This was the BEST picture of the tanker truck crew!!

Sweet Nephew...

 How seriously cool was that????
If you have a truck party picture you want to contribute... I will happily do a Part II!!
 And by the way....
Only a few more days to get your SEVENLY shirt!!
 photo peoplematter.jpg


  1. A.hhhhh! Love it! I will try to get my 2 hr old nephew to be still long enough to get a pic in his trucker hat!

  2. Aaron will always be special to me! My first love on RR. :) What an honor for our Gabe to sport a shirt with Aarons truck! Love love love it!!! Thanks for all you do for these kiddos Julia!

  3. I've got MY tanker truck shirt too! I treasure it. Love using it as conversation starter about RR. Thanks Aaron :)


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