Friday, January 17, 2014


I drove over to Richmond so I could love on Joshua a bit today.
He's a fighter this one.
But it's a hard battle and right now he really needs a miracle.
Please pray for him.  For his mom and dad (Traci and John).  For his brothers and sisters.  This is a hard time right now.
And this sweet little one is in continued need of our prayers too...
She came through surgery with flying colors yesterday!!! 
But she let them know that she did NOT want to come off the vent today...
Photo: Lyla had a good night!!!  She has a fever but I'm told that's nothing to worry about, it happens.  Due to the fever they will not be waking her up this morning.  Maybe later today.  They are using a new sedation and it is working so well. You can just see how much more relaxed she is now!!  Thank God!!!!  Today she is much more puffy and her color is well yucky to be honest.  But all normal!!!!  I tell you these nurses are on top of everything. I don't know something is a little "off" until they have already made her all better :)  we are absolutely blessed to have all of you and be right here!!!!!!!!  I am so grateful!!!!  Especially for this miracle of a child God lets me LOVE every second of every day!!!!!!!
So now she is in a holding pattern.....
We just need to continue to lift up these two precious treasures to the throne....
I love both these families so very much!!


  1. Julia, it was a blessing to have you here....that was a very hard day for us and an important one for Joshua. Thanks for spreading the word and loving our boy while we got lunch. :)

  2. Prayers for Sweet Lyla...keep us posted!


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