Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two Babes Need Your Prayers

I've asked you before to pray for Joshua and I am asking again.  He's still struggling.  His family is right by his side praying that he will fight his way out of this.  Please keep praying! Pray for Joshua and pray for his family because they are exhausted. 

I'm also asking you to pray for this sweet RR treasure.
This is Lyla this morning as they were wheeling her to surgery.  She is the miracle baby that no one ever thought would get far enough to even HAVE surgery.  She's the fighter who was told only a few months ago that there was no way she could have this surgery.
Here she is.
This is her chance.
I got to see her last summer and let me tell you... this little one is worth fighting over....
So please please please pray that she makes it through her open heart surgery. 
Both these babes are SO LOVED by their families!
Pray for them.


  1. Awe LOVE this photo of Beanie and Summer, so cute! Prayers for both babies!

  2. Good Morning, Julia!

    I've just done a scary (for me) thing, and committed to being an RR "guardian angel" Julie ( who ages out in April. I started a blog earlier this month ( but it is too new to have very many readers.

    Would you be willing to help me, and write a post advocating for her? You have a lot more readers than I can even hope to have in the short amount of time she has left.

    Thank you ever so much for considering this request!


  3. Praying for Joshua and adding Lyla!!! Lauralee has had 3 heart surgeries. God is watching over these sweeties as only He can, in the secret places. Appreciate the updates, Julia- Kelly

  4. Still praying for Joshua! And adding Lyla. My sweet toddler just spent time in the hospital for an unexpected illnes and although it was only a few days it was exhausting physically and emotionally and it was for nothing compared to what these families are experiencing. Praying hard!!!



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