Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Eagle Scout

We sent out invitations.
We searched boxes and looked in closets and cleaned out shelves.
Every single Cub Scout and Boy Scout award he earned over the last 10 years was dragged out.
We put them in albums and on a display board.
We framed certificates.
We dusted off the Pinewood Derby cars.
We found all but one of the books.
We ironed all the neckerchiefs.
We pulled out all the uniforms and hung them up.
It was a huge and wild and wonderful assortment of memories.
We designed a ceremony that would be fun and personal without a lot of pomp. 
Rob and Ben and Elijah reworked a song (If I Had a Million Dollars) and performed it (I am hoping to get it on You Tube and will share it when I can).
We arranged for family members to take part. 
We bought food for a cookout.
We arrived early and set everything up.
We shook hands with all the dignitaries that showed up.
We started the ceremony and I looked at Rob sitting next to me and WHISPERED to him in total frustration and dismay that I LEFT MY CAMERA IN THE VAN!!
Despite getting few pictures of the actual ceremony...
It was a beautiful and meaningful service!
Elijah's speech brought me to tears.
He honored the person who got him involved in scouting back when he was six years old and who was his den leader for 5 years as a Cub Scout.
Miss Libby!

Yes that is Ben photo bombing the moment!!
His granddad offered the prayers and benediction and had some sweet words to share with his grandson.
The scout leader who was one of the biggest encouragers to him as a Boy Scout and who mentored him during his Eagle Project was the Master of Ceremonies.
His current Scoutmaster made it official.

 He's officially and forever an Eagle Scout.

 I am so very very proud of him!!



Friday, June 27, 2014

Fatherless Friday

My heart hurts.
The fighting and chaos across the ocean has meant that the lives of scores of children are now in limbo.
One region is closed.  Swallowed up by the bully next door.  The children are now citizens of a nation who cares not a whit for their future or well-being.  A nation willing to use them as pawns in the game of war.
Two other regions now in limbo.
The children inside caught between two political powers.
Israel, whom I yelled about last week is in that area.
Israel, who had a family IN COUNTRY LAST WEEK inquiring about adopting him right after I posted.
Oh my heart hurts for him.
I was in one of those regions in December.
I was in one of the baby houses that has children available for adoption.
I peeked in the door and saw one of those treasures who has a family IN PROCESS and is so close... so close to getting him out AND his sister ...
But war has turned them aside.
They are unable to proceed.
My heart hurts.
All the children in those regions now on hold.
In limbo.
All we can do is pray and grieve.
And we can advocate and give and support those families who are still in process.  While the door is open they are racing forward.
On this Fatherless Friday as we grieve the closed doors... Would you consider helping a family or two or three who are racing through their open doors?  All of these families are in dire need.  Some of these families have matching grants.  All are within days and weeks of getting their babes.
Hudson 2
They are a MILITARY family - Their appointment is next week - July 5th.  Dad is deployed and Mom is in the middle of moving the family.  They are 1,400 short BUT have a matching grant of 700.00.  Please help them get over this last hurdle so they can bring Hudson home!!
Channah (1)
Oh sweet Channah KNOWS they are coming. She ages out soon and the race to get her is going fast and furious.  Her family adopted once and are doing it again so they are completely tapped out!  Please... they are about 5,000 short and HAVE TO HAVE THE MONEY to get on the plane.
Dewberry 2
Surprise Surprise!!  The twists and turns that Nicole and Joe have taken to bring their babes home has been crazy.  They crossed the ocean this time to bring Anthony and Murray home.  Anthony grabbed Nicole's hand and hasn't let go since.  He is now fully adopted and is just waiting for the final paperwork so that he can cross the ocean. 
Photo: Bogdan packed and ready to go to see our friends and meet the ministry team that Mish will be with. :)
He's ready to go!!  No longer an orphan. 
Murray said no.  He wanted to be an only child. 
Break my heart.
But two other children said YES.  A brother and a sister.  The sister 17 years old whose ONLY hope of adoption was through her younger brother.
Nicole could not leave these two behind.
So she is still there and they are just waiting on court.
Nicole Dewberry's photo.
They are short by about 12,000.00.  The loss of Murray's funds, the extra expenses to get their homestudy changed to add on Kristjan and Hannah, the plane tickets and adoption fees for an extra child are enough to make you want to run and hide.  Nicole is down to but a few dollars in her wallet.  It is pretty desperate.
Would you give one more time to the Dewberrys? 
Danny FSP wayne 1
They are within weeks of travel and have a $4,000 matching grant on the table that would be HUGE towards helping them raise what they need.  Danny ages out in another month so getting him now is crucial!! 
 40427100748 Laelia (1)
They are the ones adopting Aubree!!!  I am so beyond thrilled.  They are adding on sweet Laelia and are 12,000 short. They were just submitted and just are waiting for travel dates!!
The need for all of these families is urgent.  The price tag huge.
But we can make a difference.
And right now the door is open.  Two are aging out in a matter of weeks.  One has already aged out and is being adopted by the skin of her teeth.  All are special needs orphans who have no future in their country of birth.  They will spend the rest of their lives behind walls.
Please help a family. Or two. Or five. 
Donate what you can.
It matters.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


A Magical Day at the Magic Kingdom for one former Lost Boy and his brothers!




Beautiful weather.  Beautiful time.
Wouldn't trade a minute!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meet Gene

 This little boy is lost on so many levels...

And in only a few months he will be lost again..

Lost behind the horrifying walls of a nursing home.

His time is about up dear Friends....
He ages out in a matter of weeks.
He needs a family.
Gene needs a family now.
He has 16,705.00 in his grant account.
He has some HUGE WARRIORS fighting for him.
Now he just needs a family to fight for him too!!
Pray.  Advocate.  Adopt!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Meet Israel

He's been listed on Reece's Rainbow for over a year.
I know this because I had the privilege of naming him.
I'm ashamed to say that he has been on my backburner for far too long!
Want to know his Special Need... He has mental delays.
Mental delays.

Here is his description..
He has a mental delay but is doing well in school.  He is well behaved in the orphanage and in class (in the orphanage). He comes highly recommended for adoption!
Did you read that?
Well-behaved.  Doing well in school. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
This boy has been passed over for far too long!!
Is he your son???

Sunday, June 15, 2014

No Break for Them...

If you are going to get an Aaron tanker... you have only a few hours left...
We are heading for Florida in the early morning hours.
Off to the Association of Classical Christian Schools Annual Convention.  I will be sharing with the teacher's and administrators all of our material.
The Convention happens to be across from Disney World and THIS TIME we are traveling as a family.  Since I had to pay for the hotel anyway... why not go a few days early and have a bit of fun.
Aaron is absolutely beside himself with joy.
Ben and Elijah and Rob have never been to Disney either so this is seriously going to be fun! 
Magic Kingdom... Here we come!
I considered not blogging during our time away.
I mean... I deserve a break right??
But they don't get one...
My precious Lost Boys - Grady and Porter and Pearson and Dagmar - They don't get a break...

Grady who can recite poetry. Grady who is 14 this year but looks to be about 8.  Grady who sat just a few seats away from me in December.  No break for Grady. 
 And Porter.  Porter who surprised us by being able to walk. 

And Pearson.  Oh sweet tender-hearted Pearson. 
Dagmar. Sorry buddy.  It's the shed for you. 

All four.  Stuck inside their hot sheds for the summer.

No break.  No camp.  No Disney.
And there are so many more like them.
Babes wasting away their lives behind walls.
Laying in cribs.
I considered taking a break but the reality is... I haven't been yelling for them in the last few months. 
I've been raising money and shouting for families and doing this that and the other and my boys and so many others are just sitting.
Voiceless without us.
So even though I am off to Florida this week.... I want to take the time when I can to shout for these loves and so many more.
That's my desire...
Even if it means just putting their pictures on here so you can SEE them.
Maybe, just maybe... a Mama or a Papa will catch a glimpse of their son or daughter....
That is my prayer.