Thursday, May 17, 2018

Little Girl

Rob and Aaron wanted to do "Annie" this spring so off to practices they went for several months. We debated about putting Mary in the show. She loves music. She loves dancing. It is her love language. We knew she would love to do it but how? How can you put a child who has out of control seizures on a stage??

We decided to compromise. No. She could not be an orphan. But she could maybe have a small small part on stage with the adults. We chose a tiny scene where some of the adults and boys come in and sing a small part of the NYC song. She could sing with them and someone could hold her and she would be safe. Eventually another small scene was added. At one of the practices, during the Hooverville song when the adults were doing their dance, she got up and walked over and sat down in the middle of the scene. She was so cute they decided to let her do that in the show. Sit quietly by the dog and keep it company. It sounded like a great idea. She went to the practices and sat and watched the adults singing and dancing and played her cute part well.

The first night of full rehearsals when the song started, it was her signal to go be cute next to the dog. Not Mary. Not this time. Instead of sitting cute next to the dog, Little Girl got right in the middle of the adults and proceeded to sing and dance alongside them. She turned when they turned. She did all the hand motions. She did all the moves. She sang at the top of her lungs her version of the song.  I laughed and laughed and laughed. She had been watching and knew every single part of that song. Yes. She had a seizure. It didn't phase her. She was in her glory. Everyone watching was cheering and laughing. Little Girl won the right to be on stage in "Annie."

She gets to sing. She gets to dance.

Her part in the show... she's listed as "Little Girl."

Yep. That's her name in the show. Little Girl. I laughed out loud when I saw it written in the program.

"Little Girl" does have adults who are spotting her. She isn't on stage without support. But she's singing. She's dancing. She's having a total blast. And what's really fun... she gets to be on stage with her Papa (reading the newspaper) and Aaron (brown coat front left). You can't see Little Girl in this picture as she is behind the crowd.
You Go Little Girl!!
You Go!!

If you are in the Charlottesville area this weekend... come see Little Girl and the rest of the cast in "Annie"

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Beast

Yesterday was a hard day.
Epilepsy is a quiet beast. It too often catches us unawares and rears its ugly head.
I was in the bathroom with little girl. She was standing next to me when the beast struck. Her head slammed into the sink. I grabbed her but it was too late. Blood came pouring out of both her nostrils. Cries of pain and terror. Cradled in my arms with a towel against her nose I yelled for Rob.
I hate the beast.
I hate it.
Over the last few days he's reared his ugly head. Slamming her head into the sink was the last straw.
Little girl is sporting her pink helmet again.

She took it in stride.
We wanted to cry.
Thankfully, we think we know why the beast is currently striking. Some of her most recent bloodwork had a few rather severe deficiencies. So we are adding more supplements to make up for the imbalances caused by the diet.
Unfortunately, the four times a day, 7 day a week nifty pill box that we fill up with all her pills is not big enough. Her new regiment of drugs now requires pills five times a day.
I hate the beast.
I have to remind myself that he's much quieter. Less fierce. We have pushed back against him and claimed much of what he had taken. We are impatient. We want him gone. But her kind of beasts do not disappear quickly. Some of them never leave entirely. We know this.
We know but choose to believe the best.
She is so worth the fight.
To all of you who have given to the Ewer family - Thank you.
Yesterday they passed court.
Jonathan is an orphan no longer.

They can't take him home this trip.
They have the 30 day wait and then cross the ocean one more time.
They are still not funded and so if you have not donated you have time!!
They are doing a quilt giveaway.
It's an Amish quilt - "Picnic Basket" - from Lancaster County, PA
It's 91 in. x 100 in. Spring/Summer colors.
Just $3.00 gets you an entry.
$10.00 gets you 4 entries.
$20.00 - 10 entries.
$30.00 - 15 entries.
$40.00 - 25 entries.
$50.00 - 50 entries.
Donate and then e-mail your receipt to Dana - so you can be entered to win!!
The family needs their FSP to reach $14,168.00 to be fully funded.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Caged Boys. Caged Men.

His Reece's Rainbow name is Jonathan.

I saw him three years ago.  He was standing behind a fence reaching out his hand for me to touch.  Other boys were crowded along the fence reaching for me too.  The yard they were standing in reminded me of a cattle yard.
A cattle yard to contain men and boys. There is an overhang in the back with benches but other than that - nothing. Inside they stand or sit or walk or rock or wander. Penned in behind a fence to keep them contained. Safe. Yet imprisoned. I only saw him for a brief moment. Jonathan.
A beautiful boy with a beautiful smile.
He has a family.
They met him.
They want him.
They traveled a little over two weeks ago to have court. They practiced together the YES they would say to the judge. They were so ready.
The judge was sick.
Court was canceled.
Two more weeks.
They would have to wait two more weeks. Two weeks they couldn't wait out in country because they hadn't planned on two weeks away.
So they flew home. To wait. So they can cross the ocean again to stand and say YES.
They are short funds but not love for a little boy named Jonathan who spends his days pacing around a cattle yard with other boys who also pace the yard.
They are willing to cross the ocean again and again just to bring him home.
They are doing a quilt giveaway. So far only a few people have entered so the odds are HUGE!
It's an Amish quilt - "Picnic Basket" - from Lancaster County, PA
It's 91 in. x 100 in. Spring/Summer colors.
Just $3.00 gets you an entry.
$10.00 gets you 4 entries.
$20.00 - 10 entries.
$30.00 - 15 entries.
$40.00 - 25 entries.
$50.00 - 50 entries.
He's one boy among so many in that place. But he has a gift. He has a chance to come out from behind that fence.
Please, let's help this family. Every little bit helps. $3.00. $50.00. $100.00. Whatever you can give.
I've seen Jonathan's world.

It's sad. It is no place for a child to grow up. Caged boys. Caged men.
Break our hearts, Lord, for the things that break yours!
Donate and then e-mail your receipt to Dana - so you can be entered to win!!
The family needs their FSP to reach $14,168.00 to be fully funded.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Build Your Bundle!

Each year I take a moment on this blog to share about the Build Your Bundle Sale.
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