Monday, July 6, 2020

Rest for Mom... Hmmmm...

We almost didn't come this year.

The yearly Reece's Rainbow reunion was canceled and we had resigned ourselves to staring at the four walls in our little house on the hill.

BUT... some of the families decided to join the 'A Mother's Rest' week at Yogi and we decided that a certain mom among us needed a rest from the four walls at home so we decided to join too.

So... yesterday.... we pulled into our favorite place.  

We made a mad dash to Walmart for our week's supplies. Set up our cabin... and here we are!

All of Mary's food was put together before we left thanks to some wonderful aides who spent an entire day measuring and cooking!

So no Mary food prep. That is a HUGE respite for me this week!

We already met the famous Reece and his mom (founder of Reece's Rainbow AND A Mother's Rest) in the pool this morning.

The campground is fairly empty compared to previous years so social distancing isn't a big issue.

We plan on doing a lot of swimming, reading, eating easy, fun food, roasting marshmallows and just being totally lazy!

Hopefully Little girl's seizures will be manageable because respite from that would be the best respite of all!! Thankfully, except for a few rough days last week, she has had a really good month...for Mary... 

Course I am really missing my babies back home (Rob said a certain little puppy was beside himself yesterday after we left), and leaving Rob at home was not my first choice but someone has to hold down the fort!

And of course I still have my computer and will still do BiblioPlan stuff because... it just never ends...

But despite a few inconveniences, I'm off to get some rest....

(Because this is the A MOTHER'S REST week)...

Of course someone needs to tell that to the three littles that I brought along because THEY think this is THEIR vacation!!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Our Little Secret

Abandoned. Lost. Ragged and scared. 

Starved. Covered in ticks and fleas. Infested with worms.

Just a little dog.

Hiding, trembling in the woods.

Weariness, hunger, sickness made him easy to catch.

Kind hands carried him to their house. Food. A safe place to stay.

Lost dog they cried. His picture shared hundreds of times.

No response. Silence.

They called him Walker. 

They asked us.

Would you care for this lost puppy?

Foster him?

Love him?

Stinking. Mangy. Sick.

We brought him home. Whispering words of comfort. His little body shivering. Scared. Who were these new people?

As soon as he could he ran. His little legs heading for the woods. Until he could run no more. Weariness allowed him to be caught and carried back home. 

But again, as soon as he was able he escaped - through the rail of the porch and dropping 10 feet to the ground. He ran. Again we gave chase. Following. Until weariness again overcame him. 

He cried all night. His pitiful howls broke our hearts. 

We washed him. Cared for him.

The kittens hissed and spit at first and then determined that he posed little threat. 

The vet gave us meds for tick fever and worms. They found a chip implanted and called his family. We reported him to the SPCA.

He made his home on our couch and chair. Rotating between the two places all day. 

We paid the bills and waited. Who would abandon this dog? 

His sweetness shining through his misery.

He stole our hearts but we steeled ourselves. We can't keep what belongs to someone else. We couldn't share. He was our little secret.

We fostered. And we loved. We let him sleep. And sleep he did. For days and weeks. Only slowly emerging back to life. Watching us. 

Wagging his tail with joy each time we loved him. Stroked him. Going outside only when coaxed. Terrified of being left alone. As soon as a door would open he was back on the safety of his couch. Back to the chair. Back to sleeping and watching. 

And our terror-filled pup found peace. He began to follow us outside. Trailing along behind.  When Rob installed a cat/dog door he was beside himself with joy. He could come and go at will. No longer terrified of being trapped outside. 

And today.

He's ours. 

No one responded to the calls. His family silent.

We can legally keep him.

Our little abandoned pup has found a forever home.

We call him Miles. Miles Walker. 

Our pup traveled many Miles before he Walked into our home and hearts.

He is perfect for us. Sweet. Gentle. Easy-going. He doesn't mind little girls who put pony holders on his ears or plays with her toys in his sleeping spot. He is fine with babysitting the kittens. He loves the craziness and loudness of our family. He is content to stay in our yard - roaming only as far as dad's house to peek in his windows and wish him a sweet hello. 

He came from trauma. He has many fears. But we understand trauma here. We are fine with giving space. We don't mind pups who need to feel safe on a couch and sofa. We are happy with him just the way he is. 

Our Miles Walker has come home. 

He's been our little secret.

And we are so thrilled!