Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Just Two Little Rascals and Me

Tomorrow these two little rascals are getting up early with me and hitting the road. 
They can't wait.  We are going to Atlanta for three days. While I work at the Association of Classical Christian Schools convention they get to bum around the city, hang out in the pool, watch all the TV our little house in the cable-less woods doesn't have and play way more hours of electronics in a day than Mama allows in a week.

Then on Saturday we are driving to Kentucky where they will get to spend 5 delightful days hanging out with a ton of Reece's Rainbow families at the Yogi Bear Campgrounds.

Staying in our cabin will be one of John's best friends from the orphanage... Annie. 
How's that for laugh out loud fun???
Just two little rascals and me.
Oh what fun!

Monday, June 20, 2016


He's a quiet man.  Humble. 
As tender-hearted as they come.
His love for his sons is deep and vast.
And their love for him...
It was a special Father's Day with a very special Father Papa/Dad
The Schultz family is still $3,000 short of matching their $10,000 matching grant.  Please Please Please join with me and help them match their grant... They are crossing the ocean in a matter of days and truly need that grant!


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ross, Jade, Oliver and Victoria.... They are worth the effort...

I can never predict on this blog what is and is not going to move someone's heart. I learned long ago that there isn't a formula I can follow to get people to respond to my words. There have been times when I have spent tons of hours thoughtfully and carefully writing a post only to watch it seemingly fizzle and  burn almost as soon as I hit publish.  There are other times when my posts go nuts after only a few minutes of writing.  I can't predict. I don't even try. I don't have this little blog set up so that I earn money when I write. I don't set aside post times to advertise for our business.  
 I just write what the Lord puts on my heart believing that those words will touch the hearts HE DESIRES for them to touch. If that means only ONE PERSON is moved then writing is worth the effort!
Last week I shared a post called Nobody's Children. It didn't go viral. It didn't go nuts.  But it did move some of your hearts and because of that the Schultz' moved a tiny bit closer to raising the 10,000 they need to get their 10,000 matching grant.
I'm sharing them again this morning.  They now have travel dates. Their plane tickets have been bought. They are still a little over 4,000 short of raising the 10,000 they need to get the matching grant that will mean they are fully funded.
I can't move hearts. I can only be faithful to share the need.  They have a need.  Will you help them? 

Four children are going to meet their Forever Family in a matter of weeks.
Please, let's help them get home!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nobody's Children

My little boys are counting down the days. In two weeks they will drive with me to Atlanta, Georgia to the Association of Classical Christian Schools Convention. Nope. That's not why they are excited although staying at a BIG hotel and spending two days hanging out in the city with a babysitting while Mama works is fun to think about. They are excited because AFTER the convention we will be driving to Kentucky for the Reece's Rainbow Reunion. 
This year we are sharing a cabin with a very special girl and her family.
Annie (Reilly on RR) and John grew up together in the orphanage. Rob and I had the loving privilege of meeting her when we adopted John. To say we love her would be a HUGE understatement.
A few weeks ago we were blessed to be able to celebrate her 12th birthday with her.
My little boys are so so excited to go to Yogi Bear!! And they are doubly excited to hang out with Annie for the week.
I'm excited because I get to hang out with a bunch of other moms who have treasures like us.
Two years ago at Yogi was a little guy who was "Nobody's Child." He was being hosted by an RR family and was the ONLY child at the reunion who didn't have a Mama or a Papa.
Simon (Valera on RR)
Well one of the Mamas there took one look at "Nobody's Child" and knew as soon as she saw him that he was her son.  The crazy part was she was in the middle of another adoption in an entirely different country.
That didn't stop her.

Last year he was at the RR reunion again.  No longer "Nobody's Child", he now had a Mama and a Papa and brothers and sisters.
But the story doesn't end because back in his orphanage wait four other "Nobody's Children."  Four. 
These beautiful, precious treasures.

The Schultz' met these four children in Simon's orphanage and it was a no brainer for them... they had to go back to bring them home.
They are SO CLOSE to travel.
Only weeks away.
All that stands between them and getting these sweet kiddos is a phone call letting them know when they are to travel.
And yes.  Money.
But here's the really really cool part... They have a $10,000 matching grant. 
When their grant account reaches $11,119.16 they will receive an additional $10,000 and will then be fully fully funded.
Unfortunately, they have a LONG ways to go to match their grant and little time to do it.
So here I am asking begging you to help the Schultz family match their grant!!
They are stepping out in faith.  Will you step with them?
A phone call and money are the only two things that stand in the way.
We can't make the call but we can help with the money.  Every single dollar is doubled. So that five dollar bill wadded up in your pocket will become ten.  Twenty  will turn into forty.  A hundred will be two hundred.  A thousand will be two thousand.
Help make four "Nobody's Children" a family's precious treasures.