Thursday, February 27, 2020

Traveling, Traveling

The dreaded time has come...

Convention season.

Over the next 5 weeks I am hitting the road 4 times.

Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina and Missouri

Aaron and I are Tennessee bound this morning to the Teach Them Diligently conference.

Leaving Little Girl and John home with Rob.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Little girl's roller coaster ride has not been as treacherous these last few weeks. We made some changes in her diet and meds and we are seeing a positive difference. But she's still fragile and leaving her is hard on my heart. 

Rob's amazing with her so she's in great hands but it's still not easy. Praying our van stays steady on the road and we make it there and back safe and sound.

We are rejoicing that our book came bumping into the driveway on Tuesday... 

We are honestly too exhausted right now to rejoice properly but hopefully when I get back we can take the time to do some celebrating and sharing of all that has been happening in the BiblioPlan World!!

Until then....

I'm off....

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

It's Coming!

It is on its way!!

The mail truck will soon be backing into our driveway and unloading will commence.


Breathe... breathe... breathe...

Stay tuned... we have been busy ... so much to share about this new book!!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

We Hide It Well

It's Sunday Morning.

Mary just finished her breakfast.

We won the lottery this morning.


Sundays are hard.

A weekly battle that I have come to dread.

Our day of rest is usually one of anxiety and stress as we navigate around what epilepsy does to our little one. Going from sleep to wake for Mary is her absolute worst part of the day. We deal with morning time issues every single morning but somehow on Sunday it always seems worse.

By the time we get to church we feel like we have run a marathon and should win some kind of consolation prize for just showing up.

Some mornings it is all I can do to hold it in. The stress and frustration just below the surface.

We hide it well.

Most people at church are oblivious to how much effort it takes to get out the door.

But this morning she ate. 

She didn't start eating and then go into freeze mode. Not able to swallow or spit. 

She didn't chipmunk the food in her mouth. Seizures piling on with us helpless to do anything but wait it out.

She didn't refuse outright to eat.

She didn't go into status. We didn't have to rescue her.

She ate. She swallowed. She talked. She sang with Papa while he practiced the guitar. She took all her pills.

The lottery. It was the grand prize lottery this morning.

And we are breathing easy. Feeling like we could win if all marathons looked like this. Less stressful. Wishing every morning was like this. Especially Sundays.

Church. Worship. 

No marathon.

Thank you Lord. Thank you!