Friday, October 31, 2014

A Sweet Girl and A Bad Guy

Yesterday afternoon was sweet.
Really sweet.
This, my dear friends, is an updated picture of our sweet girl.
Insert Tears of Joy and Shouts of Hurrah!
It is one of a whole bunch of pictures.
The others will have to wait because we need to savor each one. 
Precious pictures of a precious little girl.
Hurry up Spring!
P.S. Our last home study meeting was yesterday so now we just wait for the finished document! 
Watch out!!!
There is a BAD GUY on the loose!

Okay ... maybe not so bad...

Fun times today for our littlest!!
Seeing him in this costume is nostalgic.  Elijah first wore it when he was 10 and loved everything about Jango Fett.  We rarely spent much money on our costumes but that year we splurged for our Jango Fett obsessed little boy.  Now Aaron gets to enjoy the costume.  How cool is that?
I have one family who could really use some blessings today..
The Davis family is adopting these two sweet treasures!
40402200842 Carrie Ann 40427101745 Kitt (1)
On this Fatherless Friday - Won't you help them??
They are feeling a bit discouraged and could really use some help!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sunflowers and Cardinals

It is a prize possession.
Framed by my dad a few months after he came home.
Aaron's hot air balloon puzzle.  The puzzle that contains the names of every single solitary person who took part in bringing him home.  His puzzle was easy to buy.  I walked in the store and there it was.  As soon as I saw it I fell in love.  I LOVE HOT AIR BALLONS.  500 pieces.  Gulp! At that time I was a tad afraid we would have a hard time filling the pieces up, but I love hot air balloons so I bought it. 
It had been Ben and Elijah's project.  Their contribution to Aaron's adoption fund.

At first they 'sold' the pieces for a five dollar donation.  But over time it changed.  We didn't care how much people gave.  My students in my classes brought in dollar bills and we put their names on pieces.  Others gave more and their names went on pieces.  When we started filling up the puzzle and the names kept coming we had to write them down around the sides. 
Over 600 names/families were written on that puzzle.
A forever testimony to Aaron that he was dearly loved and wanted.
Right now Aaron doesn't really understand its meaning although he thinks it is pretty cool.  He will.  One day.  Each of those names are precious and to have them sealed in a picture frame is a priceless gift.
We want to do the same thing for Harper.
Her puzzle will hang next to Aaron's in our living room.
But I struggled to find a picture that would be meaningful.
I tried doing what I did for Aaron... walking in the store and hoping that one would be there for the taking.
I came up empty.
We started tossing our themes and ideas, and I looked on-line trying to find a cool puzzle to match our ideas.
Empty again.
So finally I dug in and found a puzzle website and looked through pages and pages and pages of puzzles.
No. No. Maybe.  Send it to Rob.  No. No. Maybe.  Send it to Rob.  No. No. No. No.
Page after page.
We were wracking our brains trying to find something that we both liked.
We had several maybes to the side but none of them were perfect.
Then I saw it.
It grabbed me as soon as I scrolled over it.
I sat and stared at it - considered - smiled.  It was good.  Really good.  Meaningful.  The right size. The right amount of pieces.
I sent it to Rob.
His response - Perfect.
Perfect. Truly Perfect.
When we were adopting Aaron the sunflowers were in full bloom over there.  Fields and fields of sunflowers ready to harvest. 


It's their National Flower.
And the Cardinal.
It's our State Bird.
Bound together in the same picture.


How cool is that??
It came last night and we immediately started building it.
Building a puzzle for their little sister.

Ben couldn't be here so we talked to him on the phone while we built.

 We aren't done yet... But almost..
And we already have a pile of names ready to go when we are finished.
Each name precious to us.
Every single one will be put on that puzzle.
So that Harper will know how much she was loved and wanted.
Sunflowers and Cardinals.
Two countries.
One family.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fingerprints Oh No!

Happy Happy... No Angel Tree Child has been left behind...
On November 1st the Angel Tree Party gets started...
So yesterday morning I was bragging a bit about how far along I was on our paperwork....
Well last night I had to bite my tongue.
Did you know that you are now required to have THREE sets of fingerprints done?  Three.
I didn't either.
Until last night.
I found this out just as Rob came into the office to show me how the bleach he had been using to scrub our porch had burned the skin off his fingertips.
Shaking my head in disbelief.
I'm still shaking my head this morning because I haven't yet figured out the ins and outs of the third set of fingerprints. 
I'm not even going to go into a rant about why THREE sets of fingerprints that NEVER change have to be done within weeks of each other. 
Oh the insanity of it all...
I seriously cannot wait to show you what we bought for Harper.
It's coming in the mail today???
I so hope so because I cannot wait to share.
We bought one for Aaron too at this point in his adoption, and it is something we treasure greatly.
Maybe tomorrow....
Maybe tomorrow!
Stay tuned...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Where are the Warriors?

The annual Angel Tree starts on November 1st and there are still angels who do not have warriors.
Without warriors those angels will not be hanging on the tree.
I can't bear to think that Holly will be missing.

Goodness I have yelled for Teagan to get over the wall every single year.
We have sadly watched Tanner grow up on the tree....
Luke was on it last year...
And Heidi who was abandoned at the gates... Abandoned again??? Come on!
Heidi 2
Where oh where are the warriors???
zeke (1) Quentin update 2013 (5)
Fernando HAS to be on the tree!!
Come on people!!
It is so so easy.
You just CLICK HERE and pick a waiting child.
You are NOT adopting them you are praying for them.  Shouting for them.  Maybe finding people to donate to their grant account.
Wendy cannot be left behind.  Last year Rob and I were praying her over the wall!
Wendy 2
And sweet Michael who stole my heart years ago on the tree???
Please won't you pick a child and be their Warrior!!
Just one.
Tara (2)
So that NONE are left behind on the tree!!
P.S. Sunday School classes can Warrior together... Homeschool groups.... classrooms... families...sports teams.... clubs... businesses... etc etc.... Be creative! You don't have to Warrior alone!
Derek pic
Tuesday is the LAST day for Warriors to sign up so please don't wait....
Regina (2)
They need you!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Heart is Happy

The Lord is good.
He is so very good.
We received news today about our little one and my heart is happy. 
20419135635 Harper-cropped
Spring is just not going to come fast enough this year!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Paper Chasing Hurrah!

Oh my goodness we are so grateful for all the kind words and encouragement we have received in the last 48 hours.
I can't begin to express how much it means to us.
We have been BUSY. 
Coming around a second time makes the paperwork a bit easier in that we understand what we are doing this time, BUT the paperwork has quadrupled in four years.  Crazy stuff! 
Thankfully our stateside facilitator is absolutely the best in the world (Nancy T.) and she is willing to answer every single one of my three million and one questions with the patience of Job.
Even though we formally announced this week - we have actually been in process since the beginning of October which means we are close to the end of much of the paper chasing.  We have one more Home study meeting, have finished all of our required classes, are finishing the medicals, Rob's passport arrived two days ago etc. etc.... Three weeks of paper chasing .. WOO HOO!!
Many of you have asked for our timeframe.... Well.. the short answer is April/May for travel... Lord Willing! 
That gives us 6 months to pray for our girl.
6 months to cover her in prayers.
Join us!
And since it is Fatherless Friday... Here are a few of the fatherless who would really like to have a home!
41001155308 Ronald
Marv (2)
He ages out in January... Oh Sweet Boy - Where in the world is your Mama??
Jasper (1)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I pray nightly over Aaron.  I pray over him and as I do I pray for Ben and Elijah and our list of Compassion International children we have supported over the years.  He knows the names.  Juan, Yacouba, Anish, Abi, Josefina, Jhuevica.
I added a name.
A girl name.
He was listening.  Who was that he asked? 
A little girl who doesn't have a Mama and Papa.
That's sad.
Do you think we could be her Mama and Papa?
Oh no. 
Why not?
Because you are MY Mama and Papa.
Oh sweet boy.  Forever and always we will be YOUR Mama and Papa.
I know nothing about braids and bows. 
But I know this little one needs a Mama.

And I know our hearts are exploding inside for her.
Lord Willing, we are working hard to bring her home.
We fully understand the issues and risks involved.
She is in a country that is currently in turmoil.
She is in a country where you can't officially put a hold on a child until you are there in person and hold their referral in your hand.
We get this.
It terrifies us.
We are moving ahead.
In Faith.

All three of our boys are on board and supportive.
Pray for us.
Pray for her.

Please.  Pray for her.

Monday, October 20, 2014

There is Another

I rarely ever look at the girls.
Ever since I have known about Reece's Rainbow I have always gravitated to the boys.  All my Angel Tree babes have been boys.  Most of the children over the years I have advocated for have been boys.  We are parents to two biological boys and one adopted boy.
Boys are easy in my mind.
Wild. Fun. Active. Easy.
It isn't that I don't want a girl.  I've always always wanted a little girl. It's just that they totally terrify me.  I don't know anything about bows and braids and princess dresses. My fingernails aren't painted and the only time I ever ever dress up is for weddings, funerals and conventions. I am lost when it comes to girl clothes and accessories.
So whenever I look at the lists... I almost always look at the boys.
But even looking at the boys over the last four years has been pointless. The door has been closed.  We didn't qualify.
Until this year.
And this year has been overwhelming and crazy and adoption was absolutely the farthest thing from our minds.
If we were going to adopt again it would have to be next year at the earliest.  Because no way.  NO WAY could we add one more stressor into our lives.
Then I saw her face.
A little tiny girl with boo boos on her knees.
And my heart exploded.
And the Holy Spirit screamed - SEE HER!
I shared her picture with Rob and I did what I always do - I wrote about her on my blog and I posted her picture on Facebook and I set out to get her account out of the 0.00 department. 
And as soon as I did I panicked.
What if someone saw her?

What if someone wanted her?
What in the world have I done?
I knew we were in trouble when Rob started to ask questions. Serious questions.  And we began to consider.  And shake our heads.  And consider again.  All the reasons why not came to the table.  All the arguments against.  All the rational, logical positions one must take when considering bringing in an almost five year old into your home.  We went through them all.  Sifting.  Sorting.  Considering.
Could we?
Should we?
And just when we both were ready to look the other in the eye and say go...
She found a family.
Our little girl with the boo boos on her knees.
Praise God for her.
Sorrow for us.
But on that day.  When the door closed for her.  Another face.  Another little girl.
I saw her and again heard the screaming in my heart.  SEE HER.
I closed the screen.
I didn't share her with Rob. I didn't blog.  I didn't put her on Facebook.
I pushed her deep into my heart and tried to ignore the hammering.  The pounding.
Days.  A week.  More. Her little face in my dreams.
We were weary tired.  Writing 16 hours a day.  In the midst of it all, we had to travel to South Carolina for a convention.  Rob drove.  It was work, but it was good. Healthy. Hours and hours of driving meant hours and hours of talking and sharing and dreaming.  Aaron between us.  Enjoying him.  Enjoying each other.
On our drive home our conversation steered.  Turned. Became serious. A discussion about faith and how we live our lives.  Rob was talking.  I was listening.  Hearing him sharing his heart and hearing the screaming in my heart.  Our little girl with the boo boo knees became part of our conversation.  How close.  How very close we had come to leaping.  A tiny push was all it would have taken Rob said.  Just one tiny push and he would have been over.  And in that moment I knew.  I needed to share. I needed to share with my very best friend in the entire world about a little girl who was robbing me of peace. 
Rob, there is another.
..... to be continued.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fatherless Friday

See this sweet soul?

Marv (2) Marv (1)
He needs a Mama.
He just turned 13 and desperately wants a Mama.
Is there room at your table?
A place in your heart?
Would you consider calling him your son?
See Him!
Sweet sweet boy.