Saturday, May 15, 2021

To Lyla With Love

Ten years ago they tried to cross the ocean to adopt her, but they were turned away.

She was too sick. Too fragile. She was expected to die.

So they adopted another. And then another.

But in a crazy, God-story turn of events, they discovered that she had survived.

So when the way opened they ran.

To get a little one who had everything going against her except she had a determined desire to live.

And she lived.

Though her heart was fragile.

Though she suffered and struggled to breath so many times.

She lived.

Though doctors shook their heads and said no way.

Though sickness took her down over and over.

Though breathing hurt.

She lived.

She tore through life in her sassy, bossy way.

She was one of a kind. 

So loved by every single person who met her.

One of a kind was Lyla.

Thrown away at birth. Deemed unadoptable. Of little value.

She had Down Syndrome. Physical deformities. Heart defects.

Tossed aside to lay out her days in a crib.

But she fought. She refused to die when death knocked.

And when they brought her home - to this country - to a family who loved her beyond words - she ruled the roost.

They beat to her drum.

They followed in her wake.

They bowed to her whims.

Queen Lyla.

Her heart was defective but it is now their hearts that are broken.

Her body could fight no more.

She is now in the presence of the Lord. Her pain gone and for that they rejoice. But their pain has begun. 

To Summer and Dave and all the kids - I grieve with you.

I have spent the last 9 years loving your fighter. I cheered and championed for you as you broke down mountains to get her home.  I have laughed at all her antics. I have prayed over every hospitalization. I have cherished every post. She lit up my life in my little house on a hill.

I am so sorry she is no longer dancing in your kitchen. 

May the God of Peace fill your hearts as you navigate a world with her no longer in it!