Monday, September 26, 2011

All is Well

Little one decided to give us a scare yesterday...

Maybe he felt he hadn't had enough attention from us lately or something...

I don't know but yesterday morning when we were removing his arm braces and letting him soak in the tub we realized that his elbow was swollen, bright red and oozing pus.

Fortunately the scar itself was clean and looked good.  We were leaving for church soon and decided that we would ask the ER doctor who attends our church to take a look at it and see what he thought.

Unfortunately by the time we removed the braces a few hours later, the entire arm was flaming red, raw and definitely infected.  Oh My Goodness.

We contacted Shriner's and within a few hours had a prescription in hand and we were able to get a double dose of antibiotics in our ornery little son.

This afternoon - after several more rounds of antibiotics - his arm is still mildly raw and rough looking but the infection has definitely abated.

Do you think he was just trying to get some attention?

If so it worked!


  1. He has one of the best smiles I have ever seen.

  2. Your little man is just the cutest! He makes me smile. I'm glad all is well now.

  3. Well, he IS smiling! I've been missing that smile lately.
    I'm glad to hear his arm is doing better.

  4. He has such a great smile! I'm so glad it's doing better (the arm). We were up in Philly today, and thought of you all.

  5. Thankful he is doing well!


  6. I'm sure that was scary for you! Infections can be nasty. So glad that things are under control now. And like everyone else, I LOVE Aaron's beautiful smile! :)

  7. He is definitely too cute! I just love to see his smile. It turns a cloudy day to sunshine for me. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad he's feeling better too!


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