Sunday, November 2, 2014

Two Orphans

It's Orphan Sunday and my little orphan is across the world and doesn't know that I am sitting here thinking about her, praying for her and longing with all my heart to hold her in my arms and whisper love into her ears.

Oh my sweet beautiful brown-eyed little girl...
Please Lord watch over her on this day!
It's Orphan Sunday and we are Angel Tree Warriors for an orphan who is desperate for a family.
We were Warriors for him last year too.
It breaks my heart that I had to pick him again because it means another long year for him without a family.
Oh Ruslan...
As you know we are in the midst of an adoption but regardless - we committed to raising awareness for sweet Ruslan and getting him over the $1,000 Angel Tree Wall.
I've got a pile of scratch and dent BiblioPlan curriculum we want to sell to help get him over the wall...
If you are on Facebook and want to purchase some not-in-mint-condition material then join this Facebook group (it is closed so you have to wait to be accepted) and I will be selling it on there.
If you are not on Facebook and are looking for something in particular that may be in the scratch and dent pile e-mail me at and I will see what I have. 
If you don't have a need for BiblioPlan material but want to help me get Ruslan over the wall then just CLICK HERE and make a donation to his grant account.  I would be so very grateful. 
Two Orphans that I care deeply about.
One has a family.
The other needs one.
On this Orphan Sunday would you pray for both of them?


  1. Sweet girl.... Such soulful eyes. I understand how your hearts ache to hold her. May it be soon!

  2. Oh Harper, they are coming for you as soon as they can. I wish she knew that you were coming! Such a beautiful child, a lovely girl. samm

  3. Oh Julia! She is absolutely beautiful! And so precious! ((((((((HUGS)))))))) So happy for you all! praying!!


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