Monday, April 26, 2010


It's Monday and I have been up for hours.  I'm caught between needing to get a tremendous amount accomplished in the next month before we head off for Aaron's country and feeling frozen in place until we get our immigration paper.  It is SO HARD to press ahead when there is this constant fear hanging over our heads that something is going to go wrong and immigration will reject us.  Until we hold that Golden Ticket in our hands, I know that all the words of comfort I've been given will soothe, but not completely ease my terror. 

I called our Congressman's office on Friday to see if they had heard anything from immigration.  I was told that the Haitian adoptions are taking precedence over anything else.  I didn't know how to respond on the phone.   I didn't want to say anything disparaging about the Haitian adoptions but at the same time my heart gave way.  

I understand that there is a great need to save the Haitian orphans.  I know that things need to move quickly to get those children processed and in homes. 

I also know that my little guy is alone, across the world in a MENTAL INSTITUTE!  He is not in an environment that is nurturing and loving. He is ALONE!  He needs us to get him OUT!  When he was transferred out of his baby house orphanage he left everything that was familiar to him behind.  He was moved into a place of sickness and sadness.  Only a tiny portion of those transferred ever leave.  Many of those institutes do not allow children to be adopted out of them.  Aaron is blessed to be in one that does keep the door cracked open.  But he needs out before the crack closes. 



  1. Take heart because Aaron isn't alone. God is with him and is providing watchcare over him. Perhaps God's angels are covering him with their protective wings even now. Praying for you and him this day....

  2. I guess misery loves company right? What soap opera are we going to watch? :)

    I'm cleaning out drawers and am finding it good for my mind and soul right now.

    I've prayed for your i171h form to come asap!!


  3. I understand the precedence of Haitian adoptions. But do they not comprehend what it means when you say that he is now in a mental institution?!?! Come on people, show a bit of compassion here!

    Prayed for you this morning, and continuing to keep you in my thoughts & prayers.



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