Saturday, April 10, 2010


I'm going out to yard sales this morning... Yipee!! 

  Yesterday I was at Walmart and found a $1.00 rack!  I bought Aaron his first clothes off the rack.  It is hard to know what size he is so I have hesitated to buy him anything but who can resist a $1.00 rack?  He now owns a cute little zip up jacket (hoodie), sweatshirt, sweatpants, long sleeve shirt and black pants.  All hanging in his closet just waiting for him (most likely it will all be too big)!

 I'm BIG on yard sales and buying clothes used etc. etc.  BUT.. my little guy is going to leave the institute wearing brand new clothes, shoes, socks, underwear - everything!  He gets to dress in style for a while!  I'm waiting to buy his first real outfits until I have a better idea of his size but I can't wait to pick them out. 

I also forgot to mention that all of our papers came back from Richmond with the golden seal on them authenticating them!   We are DONE with the paperwork except for the immigration paper (our golden ticket), unless someone decides that more needs to be done (not out of the ordinary).

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  1. Thanks for the prayers - I lost your post somehow as I was trying to publish it??? Send again so i can put it up on my blog! You guys have been in our prayers since we saw that Aaron was transferd! If it starts taking a long time for your I171 or even now, call your senators office. It worked for us and we had it within a week!!!!


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