Thursday, May 27, 2010

Arrived.. almost

     Our paper arrived in Aaron's country this morning.  It isn't yet in the hands of our facilitators but it has arrived... a day late... more grey hairs added to my head ... taking the long route to get there... but it did arrive. 

     I leave for a Homeschooling Convention this morning to sell our History curriculum.  Three days of talking!   At our booth we will be selling craft books, used books and history craft buckets to raise money for Aaron!  Hopefully we will get a lot of sales as we are still trying to get to our 26,000 dollar goal!

     Puzzle update coming soon.... if you have not bought a puzzle piece.... let me just say... you'd better hurry because there are very few pieces left! 

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  1. So glad that it's almost there! I hope to see an update tomorrow that it's arrived in the hands of your facilitator. Do you know if in the meantime they've at least begun translating? That would be nice...


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