Friday, May 28, 2010


According to UPS tracking - our paper arrived!  Now we just wait to hear about  being submitted.  Hopefully next week....


In the midst of a very hard week and battling with faith and trust issues, I have been sent encouragement from THREE different sources.

On Monday evening while participating on the chat for people who are all adopting from Aaron's country one of the members shared with me a dream they had of Aaron...  They dreamed that he was standing outside the institute, looking just as sweet and normal as could be, with a little suitcase by his side.  We pulled up in a car and Aaron ran to the car and off we drove. 

A simple dream but what a picture.  My little Aaron waiting for us with suitcase in hand, ready to jump in our car and head for home!  Precious!  I have carried that picture with me as I've struggled this week. 

The second word of encouragment was on my Facebook this morning.  So many people have shared with us how they were praying for Aaron BEFORE we ever knew about him.  This was another incredible story from a family who began to pray for Aaron in December when they found out he had been transferred to the mental institute.  They are missionaries in West Africa so adopting him was not an option.  They shared his story with a sister who also considered adopting him but since she was having a baby - that was not an option either.  So both families began to pray that God would bring a family to adopt Aaron.  A loving, Godly family.  This family e-mailed us this morning to encourage us that God answered their prayers in January when we committed to Aaron.  They are covering us with prayer daily as we walk this road.  Amazing reminder AGAIN that God raised up an army for Aaron long before we knew about him. 

Finally - we received an e-mail this morning that someone made a 5,000 dollar donation into our Reece's Rainbow account for Aaron.  Unbelievable. 

In three ways God provided -emotionally (picture of Aaron with a suitcase), spiritually (prayer from the ends of the earth) and physically (5,000 donation).  What an AMAZING GOD WE SERVE! 

I am speechless, in tears and in awe! 



  1. Wow. I can't say more. Wow.

  2. OH Julia!! What huge blessings in the midst of this frustrating week for you! That donation is such an answer to prayer!

  3. Wow!!!!!! It seems like all of this happened at the perfect time because you were so down this week.

  4. Wow! God has been busy this week hasn't he! I am so happy for you guys! That was an amazing dream, and it is soon to come true :)

  5. I love the way God speaks all our languages - heart/emotional, physical/financial, soul/spiritual....and every other designation we could think of...

    I also see Him drawing you close to His heart all the time to keep learning more of His "ever-presentness" and "ever-capableness". In the midst of this darkness WE CHOOSE WITH YOU to declare unequivocably that He is ALWAYS good, faithful, kind, strong, wise, etc. And when we least feel like it and least understand, we say...."Into Your hands we commit our spirits. Jesus, on the cross did that very thing when the weight of our sin caused Him to feel forsaken by God...

    We lift your hands...

    We paid for our four puzzle pieces by paypal today!! : ) Chuck, Sharon, Carrie and Evan

  6. I am so happy to hear that my dream is coming true. Glad your week and journey are getting better and I can't wait to see Aaron with your family!


Loving words from kind people make our hearts glad!