Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chutes and Ladders

It is SO HARD to feel like I am in the middle of  a board game
(think Chutes and Ladders),
and I have to watch other people progressing quickly up the game,
 landing on the ladders and we keep sliding down the chutes. 

Don't get me wrong- I SO REJOICE with them. 
I want the kids rescued.
I thrill to read their blogs and to follow their adoption.
I just want to be going WITH them!

We were so close to submission and to hit a chute wrenches the stomach. 
They say that 'good things come to those that wait',
 Each day seems like forever. 
I need patience and I need it yesterday!!  

  I'm TRYING SO HARD to keep busy,
 but always, always and always at the back of my mind is a little boy sitting alone whom the Lord laid on OUR HEARTS to rescue.

I'm not alone. 
There are other Reece's Rainbow families
who have hit as many if not more chutes than we have.
Some have been waiting for over a year.
My heart bleeds for them.  I spend much time in prayer for their journeys.
Each time they share their agony I want to send comfort and peace.

It is so hard to wait.

I don't particularly like Chutes and Ladders right now...

Although I might get Aaron one for Christmas.

I'd love to play with him in my lap!


  1. you are in the home stretch! That's what I keep thinking to myself. He is so close!!! He is almost yours!

  2. Boy can I relate. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger....I say what if it kills me?!?! Love the chutes and ladders analogy. Have you seen my latest post? I'll share my barcalounger with you :).

  3. Great analogy!! I'll be praying that you'll soon land on space 28 (in the picture) so you'll go right to that final stretch!

  4. your analogy is a good one and is also very relevant once you get home - life becomes a constant game of progress and regression ...
    i think that the process prior to the adoption means that anyone without determination drops out...and that same determination is so necessary once you get home
    Best of luck

  5. oh I so understand. every day feels like an eternity when you are waiting! I have been down this road a few times before and it doesnt get any easier!


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