Sunday, May 30, 2010

North Carolina Homeschoolers Rock!

     For three days I stood in a vending booth at the North Carolina Homeschooling Convention and shared with people about our history curriculum.  Aaron's bucket with his picture on it was at our booth.  We had 6 boxes of used books for sale and craft buckets that we were using to raise money for the adoption.  I shared his story with anyone who asked and I can't begin to tell you how many people asked.

     I met so many wonderful families there who had adopted and who knew all about the ups and downs of the journey we are walking.  So many of those dear adoptive families offered wonderful words of encouragement and wisdom.  What a blessing! 

I got to see pictures and meet many children who are adopted and loved!  Double blessing! 

     The generosity of those families was wonderful to behold.  Aaron's little bucket received so many donations from different families.  We sold all but one box of books and a number of craft buckets!  Triple blessings!   

     We gave out Aaron's picture to quite a number of families who agreed to lift him up in their prayers.  How grateful I am that more prayers are being lifted up to the throne for Aaron!

     I met three other families who are also on the same journey as our family!  What fun to hug, cry and laugh with people who are bringing children home from China, Guatamala and Ethiopia.  Next year when I go back maybe I will get to see these kids! 

     The neatest part of the weekend happened on the third day.  It was in the last 10 minutes of the convention and our booth was rather chaotic with last minute sales going on and our kids reaching their limit of patience for the whole weekend.  In the midst of the noise I heard someone cry out "That's Aaron!"   Aaron's picture was on the bucket as well as his name but the way they said his name made me know instantly that someone knew who my little guy was!  I turned around and a dear lady and her daughter were standing there. 

They knew Aaron from Reece's Rainbow! 
They recognized his picture! 

I was beyond excited.  My FIRST encounter with a real live flesh and blood Reece's Rainbow family!!  I know I hugged them several times.  It was just too sweet.  Someone who knew my son from a website.  Someone who knew about Reece's Rainbow.  Oh how special was that moment for me.  I didn't get their name but did give them our blog so PLEASE if you are reading this - dear family in NC - I want to talk to you some more!  They are not adopting YET but I am praying that the doors open and they will be able to get the child of their heart.  Please add your prayers to mine for them.  The longing in their eyes touched deep into my soul.  Their little Reece's Rainbow girl NEEDS them in her life!  Oh how precious were those few short minutes that I spoke with them!

     It was a great weekend with reminders from every corner that God is continuing to be at the helm in this process.  He knows what we need and continues to provide.  Bit by bit, piece by piece.  He is providing. 


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  1. Hi Julie,

    It was a delight meeting you! Rebecca and I were so thrilled to see Aaron's picture and meeting you was such a blessing!

    Your words here really touched my heart. Thank you! Thank you for your prayers too!

    I'm praying fervently for your family and for Aaron. I have his picture on my desk and will keep it there until he is safely home. I love his precious smile and can't wait to see it when he is home with his family!!!

    I'd love to talk to you more!



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