Friday, May 21, 2010


     Yesterday was hard.  Knowing that we weren't going to be submitted and having to patiently (ha) wait until Monday before we can get the paperwork done to get back on track weighed heavy on my heart.  I spent a lot of time praying and trying to stay busy.  I actually accomplished much.  I finished the first lesson for the LAST book for our history curriculum... 33 lessons on Medieval history to go!  That was major!  It took 3 weeks to get that lesson finished.  Usually I can do one in a week (30+ hours).  I'm relieved I was able to jump that hurdle. 

     I also played basketball with Ben and won.  I always win.  Of course I get to make up the rules.  He just laughs and plays along.  I love Ben.  I love his easy-going spirit.  I love to hear him laugh.  I love beating him at basketball despite the fact that he is a head taller than me!

    Elijah and I started our 'weeding the flowerbed and driveway' project.  Somehow a whole bunch of the perennials I planted a year ago (I am so NOT a gardener) moved and ended up coming up in the driveway instead of the flowerbed.  So we re-planted.  He's going to try to control the weed issue this year in the flowerbed/driveway in order to earn some money so he can track his finances for a Boy Scout Eagle Required Merit Badge.... Somedays I love Boy Scouts! 

     Elijah cracks me up.  His projects keep my house from ever being organized.  Right now on my kitchen counter he has a huge bucket filled with colored water and other stuff for what??? No idea.  I just work around it.  My loveable, scientist, builder, cook, book reading cuddly little boy! 


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  1. You are so right, I do have a love for the boys! I think because I know that boys are less likely to be chosen and all my special needs experience is with boys! Plus they're just so darn cute!


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