Friday, May 14, 2010

Too Long...

      We didn't hear anything yesterday or this morning one way or the other about whether our dossier was submitted.  I'm assuming it was not.  I'm sad this morning as next Thursday seems so long from now.  Each week that goes by is one more week that Aaron sits alone in a mental institute.  I used to work in a mental institute for the mentally handicapped in the 1980's in New Jersey.  If Aaron's institute is anything like what I experienced while working as a nurse in that facility, well...... let me just say that I can't finish the sentence. 

     I've tried my hardest to NOT think about it.  I turn my brain off whenever my heart gets too close to imagining what his life is like.  Each day I have to push down the thoughts and entrust them to the Father who knows the plight of the orphan... my little orphan. 

     We are so totally dependent upon God's hand in all of this.  It is HARD!  I would be lying if I said it wasn't.  My faith is being stretched in a way that hurts.  Last night we sat and counted how many weeks we may have to wait before we go to see him.  It may not be until July and that makes me shudder.  He has been in a mental institute since sometime around September or October.  That is TOO LONG!  My heart is grieved within me!

Please pray with and for us.  Pray for Aaron. 

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