Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Okay - Here are a few questions that we get a lot!  Money issues....

FAQ QUESTION NUMBER TWELVE:  How much does it cost to adopt from Aaron's country?

     It costs between 24,000 to 28,000.... In the winter it is cheaper because plane tickets are cheaper.  We are going at the peak of the season.  Ugh!

FAQ QUESTION NUMBER THIRTEEN:  Why does it cost so much? 

     That money covers....

STATESIDE EXPENSES (these are our rounded costs)

 Homestudy - 2,100.00
Birth certificates/marriage certificates - 200.00
Medicals - 120.00
Post office expenses - 350.00
USCIS - 830.00
Criminal checks/fingerprints etc. etc. - 140.00
Passports - 140.00
Classes - 160.00
Reece's Rainbow - 275.00
Certifying of documents - 360.00
Aaron's pictures - fundraising expenses - 175.00
Miscellaneous/gas/printer ink etc. - 175.00


8,600.00 - Facilitators fee in Aaron's country - This covers all the adoption expenses.  The facilitators are responsible to pay, negotiate, barter and do everything needed to help us bring Aaron home. 
6,500 - in-country expenses - lodging, transportation, food and miscellaneous
1,150 - Aaron's Visa, Medical and Passport
5,000-7,000 - flight!

There you have it... Add those numbers up and it is a lot!  Our adoption will cost around 28,000.  We are getting hit with higher travel costs and state-side costs than most but We have been in AWE of God's amazing provision!  How Great is our God!  Look at our thermometer on the top of this blog!  We have been given so much by so many people. 

(If you notice from above - the only fee we pay to Reece's Rainbow is 275.00 and this money is for a Trust Fund.  They do not charge a fee for helping us adopt.  That is a MAJOR savings!)

On an aside.... Aaron has money himself.  When he entered the orphanage, an account was opened up in his name and each month money is placed in that account.  When we become his PARENTS (how cool is that thought) we will be given access to Aaron's money.  We will not keep it.  It will be donated back to  the place where he is staying to benefit the children left behind.  It is a wonderful Reece's Rainbow policy and we will gladly and with great joy give that money back to the people who cared for him.  By donating back, through Reece's Rainbow, we are helping to build a long-term relationship with the orphanages and institutes in Aaron's country. 

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  1. I have another question. I saw today on Lily's blog (my mom is a good friend of Michelle's) that you said that Aaron's birthday was within a day of her birthday. When is his birthday? On the 11 or 13?


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