Monday, July 5, 2010


     We leave in FIVE days.  I am NOT ready.  I have NOT packed, prepared meals for Ben, written lists for Dad, signed POA for Dad, arranged people to take Ben on the weekends, made lists for packing or anything.  I've instead been trying desperately to get as much written on the history curriculum  before we leave. 
     Yesterday and today we are ENJOYING family time.  Rob's whole family is here - lots of noise, kids, adults and craziness surrounding us.  It is good to be surrounded like this because it takes my mind off the anxiety of the coming trip.  I dearly wish Aaron was here to enjoy his cousins who are already talking about him and excited for him to play with him (lots of little ones his age).   Soon. 

     Please continue to pray.  There are SO MANY things that could go wrong in the next weeks.  We beg you to stand with us on this journey.  Pray for us.  We need to know that we are being lifted up to the throne.  Please pray!


  1. The important stuff will be done, and anything else wasn't that important to begin with :) We are (prayerfully) heading back to Kyiv this weekend... as a family of four! Will probably drive back on either Saturday or Sunday, and fly home on Wednesday. So ready to be home!

    Praying for you guys and for Aaron!

  2. We will pray. It is truly wonderful to know there are people praying. When we went to get Erika, we promised ourselves that we would ENJOY the trip.
    It is one of those "once in a lifetime" chances.
    I remember each time we sat in the hall of an official office, we would pray together. When we were at the prosecutor's office in Region, (awful name for an official) we heard all sorts of yelling going on through the walls. We began to pray and pray.... then our translator came out and said, "she's overjoyed, she had tears of joy,etc. etc.". I remember thinking REALLY?
    It sounded like world war 3 in there. So be prepared that our perception of Russian language and Ukrainian language may be quite wrong! LOL

  3. Praying for you Julia and your family...Aaron too!

    I'll be leaving for China on the 16th but I plan on following your journey if I'm able to get online. Don't hesitate to email if you have any questions about Arthro...

    God bless you!


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